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Hey this is all connected to lars. Larson stretches underneath any role plateau. Okay okay so I'm watching Hellier. I'm watching Hellier here with Still trying to figure out these elements of cody. Anyway I imagine that So like just like this play author the author's voice he has this Gremlin. The GREMLIN is writing all this all. These extraordinary plays so in a sense. Let's say for the in the sense with this the musicians channeling this particular. You know this this this this budding musicians so to speak as one might say is channeling their their favorite musician and people are heralding him kind of like what happened with a Elliott Smith with a lot of people. They consider what his his stuff was doing. This is is Paul McCartney now. I don't know if that ruffled feathers or not or you know I don't know why should anyone feathers get ruffled over one person's assessment work or complement over another the person. They don't even have to use that as arguing point. Well these people say that. But I don't agree with it. Well all right we don't have you know. Just let them have their opinion. You can have your opinion A.. And guess what they're all equally valid. How cool is that? There's room for all of them. There doesn't have to be the reigning opinion so Just yeah just Just fascinating because then let's say the the musician the musicians like. Hey I want you know I need credit. You need to start telling people that you're channeling me and My mortgage about that. I don't WanNa look like a Weirdo or something. The you know you gotTa tell them you gotTa tone so who knows. There's a whole thing that's tied into. That is why he's got to give him credit or why he who knows. What the the devalues the ghost of valued Smith would be getting out of it but anyway? That's that's just an idea that popped in my brain. I think it's a an idea what the exploring.

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