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The ride back inside the line Simmons broadcast booth the season opening win example was likely offensive standpoint last week was just beautiful Hey they ran out of Paul Brown stadium today was beyond ugly no there's nothing overtly about a W. nine. anyway and it is beautiful but this one to win with five turnovers in for early in the game hold on. yeah I mean it to refer to how did the the service now but in the end they they won with defense into some time we placed on tape that is it five touchdowns last year as a rookie then I sure score a bigger touched on that one it's a game when I was a game winner against a defense that was absolutely physical. all day long with the takeaway to get after it and to call his number in that spot in that big moment. rob Lowe through the dark right tomb which is just got trust written all over it with two defenders converging on him and him go up with strong hands a rabbit. look at Dante patterns you guys good an open field is good space is good on the comeback routes that one was in today between two defenders we had to go up here to be physical and be be strong he came down with it and I can't say enough about the defense and Erik Armstead the two plays in enemy plays all over the place today but the first at the intercepted by K. okay one way of which led to a touchdown Dante Pattison spit it out of that was a great rush by for me to read off the streets out the side door somehow some way the athleticism appendices able to spin out of it contained have an impact on the on the poor thrown from route off it's an interception in the down here when they're in scoring position in that Richey James duh Bakul from Richburg though the poor snap wow turnover number five the third one in scoring position inside the twenty yard line and come back out on a running play enormous debt to pursue down the line of scrimmage and rip that ball out in the forest to recover it you can't make it up awesome awesome stuff but the biggest moment a lot more coming your way you'll hear from Kyle Shanahan you'll hear from a couple of the victorious forty Niners today's they get to free you know and it's a. a wild ending Dante fed us with the game winning touchdown was seventy five seconds to go to give these sailors a four point three point deficit on the way to force the forty Niners when it twenty four to twenty we're back with more on.

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