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Living off that egg that's the philosophy okay and that's why you should hold a some people at the buying cellbycell emma by hope how by a hold it in a goal but my business i go by my life i don't have to worry about check in the stock market every day and doing this and doing that in china beat the the people in looking for the latest stock tip now by hold watch it from afar in keeping moving that's my philosophy eric eugene walker comes in uh what's up air um this is a good buddy of mine uh eric asks what's a better savings account than cd account um a cd if you guys ono is a certificate of deposit any goes back to is essentially a bond so you have a cd and back in a day cds used to be a thing you know back in the early nineties late eighty's cds were a thing because you're getting a good interest rate back if you let the the government bar your money and returning home cds are given one one percent one percent some change your really not netting anything especially when you consider inflation so you putting your money in there and when you get out you know your money is going to be worth less because you can buy you can't because with inflation causing cost of goods and services rise so of eric for you i would suggest um.

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