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Off her back. Found myself staring at. Two. Little. Wings. The size of my thumbs bent and cramped broken folded. Their over her shoulder blades, I touch them and they were cold and hard as a Turkey neck. I'd once found in the trash after she made soup with it. How did you get out? With my wings. Yeah with your wings with no shoes and with the old lady dead over the TUB. She knows his neck then bid it then kissed it than did it again brushed her fingers over his nipples? I don't know. She breathed hot in his ear. He arched his back you don't know. I don't know. That's all I remember for five years. He arch his back again and raked his fingertips over her thighs making her shudder and jerk, her wings back. That's when he saw the corpse. At the foot of the bed. It was George. Okay. That's a good place to end. I will talk to you next week again I'm sorry short this week, but it's been a heck of a week and I got a busy day ahead of me maybe I'll see you at some Mike. Conference appearances this week I hope you're healthy. I hope you're well I hope that whatever you're celebrating with your loved ones. It's going well. You've been listening to the Corey Dr podcast licensed under Creative Commons attribution, noncommercial share alike US three. Or what he got put it in another context, this song is copyrighted in the US under seal of copyright one, five, four, zero, eight, five for a period of twenty, eight years and anyone caught singing without our permission. We'll be a mighty good friend of ours because we don't give it turn publish it right at singers swing to a Yoda we wrote it after all we wanted to do. Many thanks John Taylor Williams for mastering. Reineck Studio W. R. Y.. N., C. K. Studio I g mail dot com John Taylor Williams is a fulltime self employed audio engineer producer composer, and sound designer and his free time. He makes beer jewelry odd instruments in furniture he likes to meditate to read and to Cook Talk to you next week..

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