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Simmons forces him out. But it's a five yard gain is the chiefs needed four. Well, fifteen and counting to go in the game. The chiefs trail twenty three to thirteen. You mentioned the temple. I like what they're doing right now getting into a rhythm. Hopefully. The right one left. There is a running back Spencer wearing the shotgun. Snap Mahomes, looking right. Fires a pass near sideline an incomplete. Adam Jones was covering. And tyreek hill was up the feel about five more yards miscommunication there, I think that definitely was in the studio -cation because the minute that ball is throwing you knew it was short. And as you said tyreek and Patrick little bit disgusted with each other. And what went on there Noshir whose fault that actually was the entire held in check tonight. She tried to get him the football to give the Broncos credit there right now he's got bought catches only twenty eight yards. Checking in ten Mahomes against as loud crowd. Sweep left. Spencer ware driving across the forty gets to the forty one and gains four yards. On a right to left sweep. And now the chiefs will face third and six at their own forty one yard line Twenty-three thirteen Denver as certainly from here on out. They're all going to be big. But this the biggest right now you've got to stay on the field. You've got to continue this drive and make something other get some points somehow some way again, the chiefs go no huddle Moore's trying to get Mitchell. Schwartz McCall Schwartz. There's three wide to the right side. Four eleven the chiefs on third down. They came in number one in the NFL and third down offense blitz. Patrick, Mahomes, moving shifting throwing paddock catch made of the right side between the numbers and hash Dimitrius, Harris. And a flag thrown however back in the pocket, it would be a first down. But I think it's going to get wiped out. He's a hand offense number seventy six. And penalties have killed Kansas City in the second half a holding call wiped out a game that would have been first and ten at the twenty four the Broncos when the chiefs could have had a regained touchdown lead. Then a false start push them out of field goal range defensive pass interference the Broncos the ball at the one and now the legal hands to the face on the Canadian doctor and the chiefs at third and sixteen at their own thirty one they would have had a first down. But that was the seventh of the night. Twenty three thirteen Broncos eleven minutes left in the game. Bronco showing plex again, a cell outlets Mahomes move into the right side throws on the jets may Tyree cow. Turns it back. Right. They're going to say where down and.

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