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Water distribution for those who need it, CBS Mark strassman reports. More than 750 people received boxes of giveaway groceries from the North Carolina food bank. Michael chambers told us he had to toss perishable food worth $500. Trying to replace them by ten pounds would get back up. Investigators now say, one person has died during this power crisis, but it's not entirely clear whether that death was caused by this ongoing outage. Duke Energy says it is ahead of schedule making the repairs and could restore power by later today. And more attacks on electrical systems are being reported in other states. CBS News is confirming that a bulletin issued by local and federal law enforcement in Oregon warns of attacks to power grids following recent incidents in Oregon and Washington state. The bulletin says power companies and both states have reported physical attacks on electrical substations by people using hand tools, arson firearms, and metal chains. It says the incidents may be in response to an online call for attacks on power systems. And the FBI and Portland Oregon is out with a statement urging people to report any suspicious activity to police, as the investigation into what happened at those North Carolina substations continues, the power companies that keep your lights on around here are paying close attention. WTO reached out to Dominion Energy Pepco and BGE and while none of the company spoke of stepping up security specifically in response to the North Carolina situation, they all as you'd imagine are monitoring things. Dominion says it's talking with federal state and local law enforcement, intelligence agencies and industry peers to proactively assess what's happening a state over. BGE and Pepco both part of Exelon had a similar response and in a joint statement says they're constantly investing to make sure their systems are secured and they do drills to respond to evolving threats. Mike Morello, WTO news. Coming up on WTF, a mother shot and killed while driving with her kids in the back seat on Neil or I can stay. It's three 43. When a business is struggling financially, one path to survival can be a chapter 11 bankruptcy. Although businesses can file a chapter 11 petition to fully liquidate their assets and close up shop, something that's been more common for large failing retailers in recent years. It's not the chief aim, explains showman Rogers, bankruptcy expert Michael Lichtenstein. The general purpose of chapter 11 was to allow companies and opportunity to pause their payments to creditors, reorganize, restructure their debt, and then emerge as a leaner meaner operations. I've done a bunch of reorganizations where you can confirm a plan of reorganization and under that plan, you restructure the debt, and you try to maximize the efficiency of the company, but after you go through a confirmation process, you then emerge as a reorganized debtor and a lot of other companies have gone on to be successful. And that's the epitome of a successful chapter 11. To learn more about the showman Rogers bankruptcy restructuring and creditors rights, visit showman Rogers dot com. It's three 44. But CDW, we get you can't lock up your devices. You'll workforce needs the freedom to roam

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