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Give them all the credit and kudos. They deserve when they do something deserving. And so i wanna give credit to one of the commentators. Chris mannix for having a guts and honesty. A lot of these guys. Don't they really don't but he had the guts and honesty. Maybe he doesn't want to work anymore like me. He wants to join unemployment line and I don't know i'm not sure maybe. But whatever or maybe just feels the way to pages. Sometimes you have to say some. But chris mannix. He had the guts to say what i used to be the only one. I've felt very lonely. I really did. I only one out there saying that these alphabet organizations are just a corrupt joke and their bloodsuckers. That's the word he used can that they're bloodsuckers taking money from the fighters in the form of sanction of fees destroying the sport by diluting and the menacing the value of these titles and he pointed out that they came right out and said the. Wpa has forty seven. you're ready can. I'll say it again. Forty-seven title bouts alone. The wb forty seven pants fall down. Call the wbz. Foam up coma as rob rob's pants fall down dick kids when they come home from school their pants and for we'll call the wbz there. Make sure that that japan's own fall down. They give you a belt and then they'll create rice. I mean forty seven title belts. I mean wow. And i. I used to simply take their call letters and make them into what i thought was more was was more fitting the. Wbai called them. We be asking the wbz. i called. We'd be collecting the i called. I be felonious so you know. Listen at the end of the day off. Good terrorists retained his belt. I was not impressed. I i just didn't think he was impressive. I thought the fight was closer than the judges had it. I didn't score it. But i felt that alvarado could've could've even been ahead or or even or even like where it could have been a draw or say a point behind. I mean i'm happy with any of it. You know you could be a point ahead. A point behind it could have been a draw but the judge has had it unanimous one sixteen twelve sixteen one twelve and one fifteen one thirteen. I live with one fifteen hundred thirteen. I guess i'd have to. I said was i thought it was close but i could've saw draw or like i said virata could have been up a point but not the worst scoring i've seen. Unfortunately i've seen much worse much much worse but for me virata was more aggressive. He was busier Good t- errors stayed on the outside with his jab looking for the right hand spots but he wasn't busy. I mean i didn't think he didn't enough and i thought he's stood two straight up and he pulled back to often straight way too often where he loved himself available by doing that. I just didn't dig. It was an impressive performance fam. That's that's pretty much the whole breakdown of the undercard and now you take us to the main event baby here like i said earlier. Golden boy savior it. Looks like virgil ortiz. A with an awesome performance against the mean machine knocked them down multiple times. Just look big and strong came. Bag had to dig deep by thinking the second or third round. He got rocked. He was on wobbly. Legs gained his. Composure fought through it. I love. I love this kid. He using citing fighter went and got him when he had to Fought back and dug deep when he had to. What you think you know. I follow in your footsteps. There can You know. Obviously i'll put my stamp on it but i've follow in in things that you just laid out there He's now eighteen in old with eighteen. Knockouts he's twenty three years old. He looks even young. Looks like he's seventeen. I mean he he. He looks even younger. He looks like a great kid for more reports on him. he's he is terrific eight What i got what. I took away for me. He got pets that as you touched on. He got shaken up. He got tested. He had to quite often. I referred to a lot of these fighters employed and being served surf the surf from the favorable side of the menu of your will. They're they're being serve very digestible meals of very easy to eat meals as opponents and and then of course they start getting to the they still get into the more serious side of the menu. Where the you know where you have to chew your food a little bit more. And we saw that. He had to choose food a little bit more he. He wasn't eating from that side of the menu the other night and he got he got his. You said he got tested a bit and you always want to see the fighter. Scott has because you already think you know what's on the outside but you don't know yet what's on the inside and there's only one way to find out when they get tested and those kind of ways and as i also would use an analogy. I would often say you know. It's kind of like macy's christmas wendell. You know you see the christmas window and you look at it and it's got all the good stuff in a window and you say wow. Wow wow look at that. That's tremendous i. It's it's enticing. It makes you wanna go into store and then you go into store and they tell you oh no. We don't have that you know. Sometimes you go in there. And they'd say oh no we don't have it in inventory. It's night in a warehouse. Well that's how i look at these prospects. I wanna see. I already saw woodson a window. I wanna see what's in a warehouse the same thing but football players in my buddy out there. I'll washington linebacker coach for the great. Ohio state buckeyes. Great culture is going to be a head coach of before you know it. He's he's tremendous tremendous. He understands that he gets it on all levels or dimensions of it But i know you're you again you you want to know you wanna know what an whether. It's football baseball basketball whether it's wrestling boxing whether it's a lawyer whether it's a doctor whether it's a teacher going in a courtroom teacher going in the classroom and classrooms a bunch of kids that don't like to listen whatever it is. You'll find out whether or not to really a teacher when when the kids ain't listening drawn junk around the role can not to pull it together can teach be a teacher. Can a teacher behaved like a teacher. We already know they have a certificate because they put it up on war. We already know that they got good marks because they got through college but can they be a teacher. You know like. I said like football with the coaches. That's what the coaches want. Wanna find out that these kids that they get that could run that that forty and in a three three or three and change which is just unbelievable and they can pick up all that weight in the weight room but can they behave like a football player when the moment comes to behave like a football player. That's why. I put up my buddy al washington over there ohio state. So it's the same thing and you want to see what's in you wanna see what's in the house and we got a chance to see that with virgil altis. That he got stung. He got hurt a little. Betty you know and there was. There was something in the wells. He had something in inventory. You know and that's something for me. Well a chin fight is fighters mentality of fight as well. No panic stayed calm beyond his twenty. Three years kept it together. Didn't didn't panic. He had to temporarily at two had the goods the goods and.

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