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This was a grant funded pilot program, but it was a regional program in we continue to try to offer in connect with resources. Not with successive seen. They're working to keep it around. We're looking at possible grant funding in the future to bring the program to fruition. Fulltime Taylor Kenner up. KTAR news flagstaff police officer is being laid to rest after he took his own life. Dr Maryam Hyman with the ruderman family foundation says first responders are more likely to die from suicide than in any line of duty first responders to experience, depression or post traumatic stress disorder. So unfortunately, suicide can. Can be the ultimate consequence. As in the case with this flagstaff officer staff officer Daniel Beckwith was involved in a fatal shooting with the man who refused to comply with orders to put down a weapon. The CDC is investigating east scooter accidents and the injuries that come along with the trendy new rights for rent Andrea glass with the Tempe fire department encourages the public to keep using them. But responsibly what we found when we looked at our data was that we have about twenty two percent of our scooter incidences, do you have drugs or alcohol related to them classes. They treat anywhere from twenty five to thirty Easter injuries a month averaging one call a day plans to extend the Phoenix light rail line further west is on hold. Phoenix city council voted five three against the idea and decided to use the money for street repairs. Instead original plans was to continue along Camelback road to Grand Canyon university and Eanet forty third and now for a check on traffic..

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