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Game today at twentieth and blake hormone marquez vs luis perdomo our coverage begins with rockies deck at twelve thirty avalanche opens it stanley cup playoff series against nashville tomorrow at bridgestone arena avs go into the playoffs and they got in on the final day of the regular season last saturday presser really good at home twenty eight nine and four former predator and current avalanche center colin wilson knows nashville can get rolling at home instead of ass for them but i think even being being a visiting team i've talked to players who played against us and play offs and it's just an exciting building to be and so even though necessarily the crowd is cheering for you still get a lot of energy and a lot of excitement from it so it is it is allow building that people are into it and faceoff fourgame one tomorrow night at seven thirty mountain time three series start tonight many at winnipeg pittsburgh hosts philly and l a is at sports at fifteen and forty five on koa newsradio the home of the broncos buffs and rockies let's talk about regenerative medicine for a moment shall we it's mandy and i got regenerative therapy shots in both knees from downtown's health care and they have changed my life i feel like i'm ten years younger and i can actually jog again if you've got a joint injury that won't heal or been told you're bone on bone or need surgery get a free consultation at downtown's health care call three zero three two nine two nine nine nine two that's three zero three two nine two nine nine nine two.

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