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And the Lumine sit up on this interrail is pumpkin carriage and whip him while she well, he's doing his thing. You know, it just it takes all types. And I don't I cannot judge Hardwick and judge well in that case again, it's like they're they're all do. Doing the same stuff. I don't I still don't. I mean. Listen, I am not judging. I'm not saying, it's bad. I'm just saying. Thing that that if you are the CEO of a company and in your free time, you pull Cinderella's carriage. I'd look into it woodland cognitive behavioral therapy. I would if it were me, and I had those proclivities questions about it questions. How does all like to long's hurt? Anybody? I don't. We do not we do not sit in judgement. We're just saying when you're a cool guy, you might want to look into it just just just saying just just in case or let's move on to progressive outlook from from both of you. This is this is a very well. My my thing, I don't judge people. I just react to them. And then I try to understand them. That's all she did not induce any. Shame in me because she didn't tell us what really is going on here. I don't really wanna know. So this is now this is Tom Christina's pet peeves right now we have a couple of talking points lined up from episode four eighty five from your mom sells. All right. And these are people that Tom and Christina thinks should be put. Oh, I didn't know they went so far they have very Lucas data. We discover was a psychopath. Right. We did discover that during my interview with her she doesn't understand feelings. Really? She doesn't understand feelings. And that is the get the clip it's it's the clip available. She would you know that would sort of make her she. See people crying and movies. I don't understand why they have emotions those are funny, except it isn't go ahead. Let's see what she she may really want to kill somebody. That's what I'm saying. It'd be very careful here. And also I fuck in hate when you're sitting on the airplane, and then the guy next to you has shaky leg grab someone's shut up. I've dreamt of doing that grub someone's like, I've dreamt and stranger. Yeah. It was it was the seat behind me. He was doing his tap tap tap. And he then he started to pick it up. He was clearly run through song and his head, and I just reached around in grad. God. What did he did? He goes. I'm sorry. Oh my God. So that's the first scenario who's the psycho. And that's it. You might have peeve. Guys at assault of the people in the seats behind them. Oh peppy. I don't I mean like Thomson or grabbing somebody's legs lucky. Didn't get arrested wouldn't bother me if someone was Shane leg. But if they were banging the seat, and that would drive me crazy. I did that wants to somebody, and I feel guilty this year there was twenty years ago, and I still feel guilty about it. Do you need to talk? I always on. I was on a flight to England and a crappy crepe seat, and I put my knees up on the guy in front of me. And I didn't realize it was pushing through. I was having a good time like trying to get my back straight and pushing these for the flight was nine hours seven hours. I was doing that. And finally, he was like spoke up. I'm like, oh my God. I feel so the fuck might doing what you do. Listen, listen. So what's up with Christina? Somebody's not allowed to be anxious might my legs are moving right now anxious caffeine, my legs move. I like that. Because that's the caffeine curious about your about the caffeine. Because I I can't really I mean, I can't put anything in my body because I'm so hypersensitive to anything. That I can only have just a smidge of caffeine in the morning, but around the year two thousand one two thousand two I was having a horrible panic attacks..

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