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Paul, Roberts Editor in Chief at the Security Ledger in this edition of the podcast in the safety area, the failure up everybody low I. Think about an airplane or car in its breaks. Insecurity, probability and impact is commuted differently, and it's again a different in privacy. So how can you create that coordinated magic? You might not have heard of the trusted computing group, but you have definitely used technology helped, develop and deliver industry consortium pioneered technologies such as the trusted platform modules that are in nearly every computer and personal electron device made today providing a hardware based route of trust that validates the identity and proper functioning of the device. But if you haven't noticed computing environments are becoming more diverse and complex. smartphones cloud based applications, resources, and the Internet of things were already dissolving the network perimeter, and that was before the covid pandemics and millions of workers home to work. What is trustworthiness mean in the era of cloud, computing, smart homes, smart communities and the Internet of things, our notions of security, privacy and trust evolving to find out. We invited clear Vic into the Security Ledger studios talk clear is an Intel fellow and chief technology officer at Intel's governments, markets and trade, group or GMT Clare spent fourteen years as director of trusted technologies at Intel and is a director at. At the trusted computing group in this conversation Claire, and I discussed the fast evolving future of both the trusted computing group, and the notion of trusted computing itself as both innovation and changing technology use patterns create opportunities and risks in areas like cybersecurity and privacy I started our conversation off by asking clear to talk about some of her responsibilities at both Intel and the trusted computing group I am clear. And they work for Intel in Amazon in down. Representative on the board of directors are the trusted. Computing Group. In Cow. I am CTO. Markets, government trade. Division Go in I am the representative on the board of the trusted computing at in also by the officers of degrees, degradation trusted computing. Is Industry Standard Consortium. Standard the trusted computing group, the trusted platform. Whitehill is also an international standard known as. I so I see. Biden Brian Eight, eight nine. In four parts. made finishes trusted could beauty. is well as definitions of trust by far the most horrible. Our implementation of trusted beauty is who presented. How I, the area that is falling the specifications in international standards developed the trusted computing group in. The technical conditions of the desire that the computer will consistently behave as expected ways. In. This will be enforced by computer. Hardware and software in pricing became as achieved by loading. Hardware war in some version software for the unique conviction. He in ask several resulting a roots. Trust Act station for the holes in. On chance that I can find. In DC the trusted computing group's specifications at this specification were originally defined for the client machines, but the computing ecosystem has changed in g moved to embrace would is available in the ecosystem in general for instance, servers networks. Embedded systems, lightweight cisterns more recently or more. Security in the look more. When you roll back the clock and look at the origins of Jesse G, you know around the turn of the Millennium Period. The focus back then was really on securing You know access to enterprise networks scaring laptops, desktops, and servers, and as you said kind of creating a hardware based Rudy Trust for for applications to us, but these days. All that's really changed, hasn't it? Both the profile of the device and the way in which technology is deployed and consumed and used as has really changed. You mentioned. Automobiles is one example, but for Internet of things is is a use case for TCJC. We should start with what you said that the trusted computing group technologies used to secure a laptop servers in networks This is not specifically security technology. This is trust, acknowledge he. Provides for a safer environment rather than forcing specific security functions. What does safer environment? It means that all the unauthorized modifications over key components, clients IOT systems networks, automobiles on will be captured in the will be opportunity to to deal with the issues before any damage from that access data staten, so cast acknowledges are in that sense distinct from security technologies, although they are connected an interesting point and and I think for many people Maybe myself included. You're kind of lump, trusted and security together, but they are actually two distinct areas. Tell us a little bit about this concept of trust and its relationship to cyber security, and and then may be kind of wear sort of think of it as I could ven diagram. were, there's overlap there between trust and Cybersecurity, and you know what areas are are actually separate. This is Hugh into question, but I will try to answer their media definitions of trust. Inevitably just like many definitions of privacy trusted computing for a trusted computing is It is seen by the trusted computing group. Trust is an expectation that assists them product infrastructure process will behave as expected under given circumstances. This expectation base understanding of trust can also obliged to many other aspects of trust to people to situations to organizations. Issued Flex that the trusting by. Has It believe that the trusted party will support it in in computing the facts decisions made I run. Participants those disciplines could be people, or they could be machines what they could be broader policy systems so acne trust is a lion to some extent, this predictability and this is also the case in non-technical Charles. And descending suffered from our bitchy. Trust, a underlying the motion. But it commerce most are the situations. Interestingly, trust is also a very significant under different names in economics for instance. 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