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So let's talk a little bit about machine learning a strong ai and and the downside of it. That's right at knocking at our door. Yeah well that's why. I'm interested in leveraging humans rather than leveraging machines. You know so if you look what the message is. Let's let's let's tap into the infinite intelligence that supposed to be behind love attraction and leverage people. You know what it. What if we could meditate literally in deep meditation fifteen minutes a day. Everybody really do that. And change the sort of like a thought pattern of the entire world. We would no longer have this kind of hate based competitive environment. We would be realized that were all the you know. There's there's an argument that says there's only one consciousness in the universe. It's all one and we're all part of that right and so that's one way of looking at it. Well we realize we're all part of the same thing you know and and that's part of touching the divine you realize. Oh we're really all part of that. A subset of that divine and we're all really the same thing and a but as long as we believe we're disconnected and physical and that's it then. Nobody's going to invest in that they're going to try to take technological advantage of it so i don't want my machine smarter. I want my people smarter so they can make better decisions make more unified decisions more holistic decisions all. That's nice you know in the in the book that i just wrote weigel matters one of the chapters. Is this interview. I did with this woman. Always bring this up uncomfortable for people. Her name is annika lucas. I know you're interested in yoga. I'm interested in yoga done yoga for years. I love it from the philosophy standpoint. Also appreciate the practice. Ana yogesh beautiful. She does these training classes with incarcerated. Women upstate new york to help help them overcome trauma because she knows about overcoming trauma. 'cause at six years old in belgium she was sold to a satanic ritual abuse cult by her mother. Right six years old raped hundreds and hundreds of times by what she later identified as world leaders. This is part of the detroit case. it's not like Was in the news. It was pizza. It's time you could see the pictures. The kids in cages. The kids died when detroit was arrested and wasn't able.

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