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The right hand a good larsson for two more points he's got the five now now your mobile our out of court said maybe mantoman defense now for david samobor loses his putting a neighbor comes aware that mobile soda get up fall into transition the matsen bacher bright not some backer finishes that one at the rim he's got eight points you're in this half loose ball save by larsen navies all over the 5050 is right now neimark right santa marta he'll fire another three it's up in its good an great in knots about your feel that now 11 points this half got seventeen for the game had sought to a 21point lead sixty five forty four mobara cross afc or it drives right comes back out so highs zone defense year for davies to three now inside tibet internet's knocked away by shane anderson davies and others deal back in transition its neighbour this time in transition l finish for two more points in my caters to might need a timeout here only as one left but there's one getting out of hand sixty seven forty four think carlsson back samobor this is on deepening to step up the pressure need extended that defense as well left side weisenberger who drive laughed at a little lane to the rim and installed on the drive this time i don't think he'll get the two point two shots foul goes against matsen bacher could be his second this the third on dating soccer's only been four fouls this entire house the cited dante checks back in check in foro keith it was not a shooting foul so the bruins olympia underneath their own basket ball into kante not into the corner from all bar mobarez gilad yet now he died picked up after one dribble doubleteam skipped past the far side paint carson perth reacts up and that's good king carson is it a couple nice 3pointers this half for the bruins he's got himself eight points this out of eight points for the game as well rightwing mitch larson with predict that can download out than their escape the foreign cyprus dan sept drives in step back at the free throw line up and under move nothing there's gives a back out to larsen and sense at the get.

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