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Impasse is declared in mediation talks between the city of Houston and its fire union opening the door for two hundred twenty layoffs to allow for voter-approved pay raises under last year's proposition. Beat city attorney Ronald Lewis has firefighters wanted too much from the city such as financial disclosures. And a promise never to issue. Mass demotions basic just that there could never ever in history of the city of Houston ever, again be what they call mass demotion. Would you have any of your elected official? Promised today on behalf of every elected official who will ever be put in position in the city Houston that they will never ever authorize something that the union would call a master Mushin as it stands today. Firefighter layoffs will take effect July. First we all heard the storm last night and more late night storms dropped seven inches of rain across central Texas. Hayes county sheriff Gary Cutler updated the public Bagga said the the individuals the occupants of the onion creek all recovered in without injury. And so far we had one person missing. And we have not received any additional calls each. No one's come forward. Yet. The sun is now shining there and here, hopefully, it'll dry out the rest of central Texas, but Gumri county season nother helicopter crash and this time in a church parking lot, deputies say is small Hilla copter is crashed near FM for ninety four and antique lane. The only person on board was the pilot who is in. Injured, but it's expected to be okay. The Texas Department of public safety is investigating as we said. The big rain is over. Now, we had powerful storm that moved across overnight and brought heavy rains to some areas and strong winds. Sadly and kingwood woman was killed when she drove into a fallen tree in the road in northwest Houston, tree fill into a home at about two thirty this morning. No one was injured voters in several local school districts decided bond issues and school board races today. Some of the suburban communities also were holding municipal elections. Many say that the issues on today's Balan have greater impact on your day to day life, then gubernatorial or even presidential elections. Tomorrow is Cinco de mayo which makes this Cinco de mayo weekend. Aaa is offering free rides to home for people who may have had a little too much to drink while celebrating AAA.

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