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Forced out in the people left in the system all protect each other. So yeah, there were good people. But like me you look what happened to me defrocked thrown out blacklisted. My name gets attacked everywhere. Now in Canadian the internet like wherever you look there's an enormous smear campaign because it's a way people can not look at themselves in the mirror. Folks, we're speaking with Kevin anet, I guess the best the best the best website address for you. Now, Kevin is would be murder by decree dot com. That's right. It's also got all the evidence online that's for now which should go to Kevin in your in your thorough investigation. Over decades. Now. You mentioned I've mentioned your your former minister the United church of Canada whenever we speak about this. There are folks that get really upset and they say, well, you're denigrating. The church, and in fact, Kevin just by white way of foundation what churches did you find involved in these genocide activities in human trafficking? You've been included human trafficking. Roman Catholic primarily they on two thirds of the school. They set up the original schools as a matter of fact, that was had the model for the Indian school system, not the government, and and the other churches adopted so Catholics primarily then Anglican church of England and United church of that. I was in. There were other a few others like some of the Baptists and salvation are had a few. But the main churches were those three church of England church of Rome, the United church, and I mean, they denigrated themselves. I'm just talking about the evidence, right? And they've all been involved in cover up activities, haven't they? Well, very much take, you know, the Catholics for example. They have a standing policy still to this day called criminals. Eliza tennis. It says when children are raped by a priest. The police are not to be told and everyone is to be silenced. Or they'll be excommunicated. That's in writing.

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