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News dot com in Redmond. Charlie Harger, KOMO news democratic presidential candidate. And governor Jay Inslee. Got some pushback from the Republican hosts on the ABC show. The view today Abby Huntsman challenges land focusing so heavily on global warming in the race more than that as your main platforms. You're going to run against the President Trump. Yes, we're going to talk about the economic growth inheriting clean energy. But I wanna talk to people about the fact that this is a health issue. Right. This is the health of our children. This is a national security issue is Lee talked about how last summer Washington state had some of the worst air quality ever from nearby. Fires and how that affected the health of people now the city's use a signing bonus to attract police officers. So now the area's largest city wants to put some money on the table. More from komo's Ryan Harris. Fireman's anti police rhetoric and a four year battle over a contract have made it tough to bring in enough new Seattle police officers. So the city council took up a plan for a fifteen thousand dollar bonus to any officer who wants to move from another department and seventy five hundred for new recruits sergeant Richaud Neil with the Seattle. Police killed says he's always seen the department as a model for other agencies which could be attractive, but there are some may not want to work under the strict guidelines that we have everything from body cameras dash cameras to their use it horse reporting requirements. Ultimately O'Neill says they need more officers on the street. So your calls to nine one one. Don't go on answered the council seems to agree because it voted seven to one to begin the bonus programme with Shamas want the only no vote at Seattle city hall. Ryan Harris, KOMO news. Police are on the hunt for a man who opened fire at a dance studio in bell town. No one was hurt during the Friday night shooting. But there were students inside the studio and the bullets hit the windows. Some area. Business owners say crime has gotten worse in the neighborhood. And they want the city to do something about it under the belt town dance studios, weighing whether it's time to move w campus in Bothell is growing and neighbors are not happy about a university plan to build a multi story parking garage nearly in their backyards. Komo's sue Romero has more Bothell and Cascadia college are planning a new thirty million dollar five story parking garage on the west side of campus, where wherein increasingly thin grove of trees separates the campus from neighbors back yards. The Seattle times reports that residents worry about pollution from cars and also how big parking lot could affect their property values. Kelly Schneider with U dub Bothell says they've done their best to be a good neighbor. And will hold one more public meeting illustrate how we have accommodated a concern the best we can as part of our being good neighbours and talk a little bit more about the construction. She says that construction on the six hundred stall garage is scheduled to start this summer Romero. Komo news. Like the wreck. Conciliation between former teacher Mary Kay, Letourneau interact. Student villi philosophy didn't take according to radar online the couple's legal separations been officially transferred to an arbitrator their unconventional. Love story. Started in nineteen in the nineteen nineties when a twelve year old boy Laterna was a sixth grade teacher. She served time in prison for child rape, the two married in two thousand five and have two daughters. Together Laterna is now fifty seven and flow is thirty five controversy in the United Methodist Church. We're hearing from local members of the church saying they don't agree with the national church ruling that ban same sex marriage in LGBTQ clergy. Komo news. Time is seven ten and from the Harley exterior sports desk. U dub continues to crank out NFL caliber DVD's. Komo's Bill Swartz is talking dawgs, Marcus Peters Buddha Baker Kevin king Sidney Jones Washington football's produce tremendous NFL caliber defensive backs all Pac twelve corner. Byron. Murphy credits competition and coaching DB's wise now everyone's.

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