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Sprinkles on her ice cream. Article here to confirm, he's a Karen before her time. Absolutely. Did, you, say England or Florida. Different same difference. Incredible right so that is a that is a win here in game number two four rob over Akiva Akiva. What happened? Bad Tick Tock tic. TAC Toe Strategy. I needed to watch more. Hollywood squares the prep I guess I'll I promise I'll do better next time, but you get a veto. No fire. No I have to win the Boehner. Has To win the veto nulla fire so basically the way this works, is he just pick one person on the board? They get a question. And, if he. Gets the point like he wouldn't the regular rounds. He Wins Silvio Nola fire. All Right, rob, who are you going to go for? The pick someone who didn't go in this round Oh. Okay, all right well. Let me go with Alli last. Share because I feel like that. It's pain. She's the most pain to be here. I feel like I. let her involved. This is actually the first time I've been excited to be anywhere Oh, but I'm happy to be in the votes. But. I will not let you down and don't try. To trick me and make me lose. I want you to have the nullify. Burn Kiva. Alley famously not friends with rob and his family not. By choice favorite friends with if I. IF I did not consider my friend of everyone did not consider me a friend. I'd have no friends. I have to. Stump for rob here. Lash. How does this bonus round work so I'm going to ask Allie Lascher a multiple choice question. Is going to give her answer, and if you agree and she's right, you win the veto and you agree and choose wrong. You don't get it and all the different permutations. Are. Checking, I ask you does Kiva. Get it just because I feel like we want to have this in the pool. Right like Akiva get it if we get it wrong. We could probably. Talk to? Get, one question wrong, and he gets in my pride I agree. Could always play for another time they could play. Play game. So what if what we do is, if rob does not win it. They go. Double or nothing and to keep it gets. A question gets ready getting. Toes. Should make. You shut something you, but that's. Okay I. That today. I think they should have something later. This Ryan Buds person personal solid and does not wanNA split the veto. Yes, thank you. Okay. Kind. So. The for the final round for the opportunity to win a veto. NULLA fire. Alley which of the following is not the name of a real town? We have dildo Newfoundland Love Stick Alabama and P P township Ohio. Two of these are real towns. Alley geography. Great I'm even worse at sexual geography you. Can I ask a question. Yes, who ate up the fake answer? I WanNa get I played on the BBC today and I nailed almost all of make answers. Is this like a Mike Bloom? Fills a people who did the questions were? About out a guy named Mike Duvall. And Scott How do you say Scott's last name, Akiva? Maybe I don't know and a lot of people right like Mike I think it's Mike from Massachusetts. Is is what he calls. They apologize that sorry for Dr. those guys who those are the guys who? came. submitted the questions related questions. We have a long email thread going through them. I was a real jerk to them about some questions and we have lots of extras leftover I. Appreciate you. Having an iron fist here I was I was just mean about this game. From the moment I became involved. I said this is how. You make things said. I had to put my foot down Kiva to so. Much loosey-goosey. -actly. Puja. Loosey Goosey being added to the list of white people catchphrases. Loosey Goosey. That's for this week Serbian. You're more. Burnett bit I don't. Know. Spreading, the love throughout the network all right, let's get back to the game. All right we have dildo somewhere. Love Stick Somewhere and Pee pee township. Yes, Rob. Can you cut those, so we could have them all the time on the podcast..

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