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While she visited a friend at a beach out of state, the children range in ages from twelve years old to fifteen months. We're left in such bad conditions that investigators the infant was dead while raven told an she drove to Houston and flew to South Carolina and came back a week later. She had neighbors look in on them to bring food, but no one stayed with them. The kids are with the father of one of the children. Rachel say NewsRadio KLBJ UT police say the cap metro bus driver that hit and killed a bicyclist has been arrested by Austin police. Police records show Mindy Taylor Stafford was told by passenger. She was about to hit thirty nine year old Anthony Diaz who was writing northbound on San Jacinto when her bus. Drifted into angled parking spaces were no bus. Stop exists. Text takes aim at human trafficking. Some ways textiles new on the road end human trafficking campaign could be equated to a statewide neighborhood. Watch Tex dot Mark cross says it's essentially an effort to teach any and everyone how best to spot the sign. Someone could be a victim agency employees and the public on how to identify some of the red flags that are often seen or should be seen as many three hundred thousand people maybe victims at any given time in Texas and the campaign comes as south by south west is in full swing which is an event known to attract traffickers to Austin every single year, Patrick Osborne. Newsradio J KLBJ news time one. Oh, three looking at Austin's on time. Traffic a crash on southbound I thirty five MLK adding to delays there backing up to fifty first street southbound slow all the way to Saint ED's in that a stalled vehicle at all tour, Wendy, warm, and less humid this afternoon. Went some returning high eighty two than a few clouds, low fifty to fifty four tonight from the weather center. I'm Heather zehr. Got cloudy skies, sixty three and four. Louisville. Get Austin news on demand at NewsRadio KLBJ dot com. Stylized lounge presents an.

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