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Still. Beauties? I'm so relaxed right now. Well, there you're singing for us. Mello's Dixie toys, you have a lovely voice actress than a model you had fifteen film roles who started dancing with the stars. Like, where do you where do you see yourself? What do you wanna be? When I grow up when you have when I grow up. I just wanna be I wanna know that I'm bringing joy into people's lives. Now, I I really want to know that when I meet someone they're happier because of the moments we've shared, and if I can do that through talk to speak a love speaking engagements. I'm I'm with the London speaker's bureau now. So I'm starting to do more talks. And I love that I love sharing and connecting heart to heart. I love music is something I was born into my father was acquire director in church growing up, but he before that he had a rock and roll band. He sang opera, and the family was some certain Tammy chose not to be on the road, not to be traveling and just settle in a small town Calcutta Georgia where my grandmother had helped build the. Huddah First Baptist Church. And he did, you know church every Sunday Sunday night with say night. And then and then wings now, weddings and funerals. Yes. Absolutely. So I sang in his choir. But I never feel. I I I never could really do those choir songs. I felt like I was struggling for some reason. I don't know why why did it was. But I I knew that. I think my dad had such a talented voice. And everyone was always talking about what a gift he had. And maybe I was a little intimidated. So I've worked in my life to to believe that I have the same gift of I'll get Marley out of the pitcher and just let God's dental through. And with that. Now, ma'am, I didn't mind on doing an album. I just would wake in the morning and say, what can I do show me? God what is my purpose here at how can I share the gift that how how did that spoken word album that we just heard how did that? I wish in the middle of those Breyer's of saying show me what I can do with gifts that you've given me. I started writing lyrics, and then I was in her. Reduced to a a musical composer. Who said I've got just the right piece of music for that. And he sent it to moment on my goodness. Because we've got to get in the studio and do this, and I was talking to Deepak Chopra, and he was doing a sages and scientists event down in the Hoya, and he interviewed me for his YouTube channel, and I was telling about the music as oh, we should do one together. And I said, well, let's do it. So that's when us what what are you doing now? Because all I'm doing a new translation of Rumi roomy, as you know, as a mystical teacher and unlike from I'm like God, I'm just blanking. But I think it's Persian descent, but he's does his beautiful beautiful translations of love. And you think it's almost between a man and woman, but it's really about God. So that's where Deepak, and I did the house was very very soon this meeting, I would say, so you you have your hand in so many different things, you have some humanitarian and film philanthropic work that you're invited in right now to could you tell us about that. I just love when I had the chance to do to get out there and put your your mind heart, you're into to helping I've had the chance to work with kids creating peace, which is wonderful where we've seen the Palestinian and Israeli kids come together and learn how to love each other and bringing families together through seeing the similarities in his and and there's music music, like Louis Armstrong center for music and medicine is so powerful because I love music, and I've obscene the healing effect of it. I want to read you something that the Daily Beast wrote about you in two thousand sixteen in this is a right around the time of the election. And it says Maples is wise enough to know that any publicity. She courts will necessarily feature prominently her association with Trump and his father's Maples. But what bothers her more is the idea that she shouldn't be able to move on with her life as a public figure does a bother you that you can't say your name, Donald Trump. Well, it's. Isn't it? When we go through a journey in life than in. You never know what people are gonna remember in see, and and I feel amid a place now where people are letting me speak for my place of faith and talk from that place of faith. And I believe silence was really important for a while till out people to know that I'm not out there trying to get publicity because my ex husband is the president of whatever he's doing. So I I really I I chose to go by Marla Maples because I feel like God created me to have my own purpose and just because we chose and we did come together with a deep love many many years ago. It was twenty years old when I met him. And you know, doesn't mean that we, you know, we agree on everything. And so it's nice to be able to to move forward. Now. Then even though it does come up a lot of people are just moving through it really easily their strong opinions, you know, on both sides, and I just have been really grateful to be able to just to say, I'm gonna be me through this. And I'm not gonna speak negative. It doesn't do me. Good to speak negative about anyone on either side of your mantras Leary, much positive message. I in terms of faith where were you on your faith journey when you met and married Donald? Oh, my goodness digging deep the I. Was. Really, I always prayed and always had my friends that were spiritual very spiritual family, and I I had come to New York to really study and my my dad had had financial difficulties. And I wanted to come here to be an actor and really help help with the family. And I I knew that if I came in New York, I felt like things could shift I could take it to the next level. And I was getting out of a very damaging relationship with my first boyfriend at home that was very very unhealthy. And it was good for me to move away and start fresh here. But but in New York, I started going, the marble collegiate church the pastor there was one of my became one of my dearest friends. Dr Arthur Kalayaan Andro, and he was someone that I had every step, but my journey in New York along the way. So so when when Donald I came together, I really felt that the, and I do believe there was divinity in it. I was no different than am. Now. I was still in my fate. And I believe that together we could do some very powerful things in the world. Did your faith really help you through that intense? Period of scrutiny. Absolutely that that is really all you have at the end of the day is how do you connect can you can you take yourself to the place where you know, there's so much more than what seems to be right before your eyes that there's a higher purpose and everything then what it might be feeling this moment. But until you I was down in my hands and knees, I mean crying and praying, and, you know, not even knowing how to stand up and move I was an actor. I could even go to audition. It was it was heart wrenching period of time. Because I really I really wanted the best for ever everyone involved. And and, unfortunately, the media and other, you know, and maybe feeding the media wanted to turn the whole thing into something that it wasn't. And then I mean that's hard when you're misunderstood. It's still a tough thing for me. We wanna be seen.

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