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When was shot and wounded into five. Sonali was on shot wounded. No, but she watched your daughter die old young black African nine years old. That's it, Charlie. So you were representing Haven you say, Don't don't defund the police Give a more money. You have them more money. Good morning. I am on police. You know, it's stupid to entertain any other proposal on that. With Charlie appreciates you call very, very much. We'll talk soon. Okay. Have a good evening than 617 to 5 for 10. 30 Triple 89 to 1930. You have to bring these questions down. It's one thing to say, theoretically should police know in your community. Let's talkto Lenny in Natick, Lenny in your community of Natick. Would you like to see police defunded? Sure, why not? Then have chaos and let's have all the drug lords and gangs run the city. And, yeah, Grace. Are you crazy? It's the dumbest idea in history. But that but reform the police want to improve upon the police trained them fine. Eliminate them De fund them insane, But there's a lot of politicians around this country who are talking about a few months. A lot of politicians because it does play to some of their constituents, which he wantto have Mexico and Medic or in Massachusetts. Fine at Mexico has the cartel's when the Of the drug cartels run the cities and towns like chaos. You know, I agree with you on that, but I think that The thing's in Mexico, I think are actually quieting down. Although you hear stories every once in a while, but, yeah, I don't want I want the United States of America. I want I want cities and towns in suburban communities like Nah, Nick, you have a good police, too prominent Natick. It's a solid community. It's a great community spent a lot of time there in the 19 nineties and Well into the first decade of the two thousands. No, I just I don't understand, but but I'm so happy that so many of you are picking up your phone and calling it it's 18 courage again. I'm sure a lot of police officers. They're hearing it tonight, So I appreciate it. Well, they police force deserve a lot of credit, because that's not an easy job. I'm going to say it again. We had to guess that the nine o'clock hour Who were extraordinary to officers who was shot nearly killed in the line of duty. Bob DiNapoli of Woburn, Mario Olivera of Somerville. They tell the story of the moments when they were shot, and it is Terrifying to listen to those stories. It will be posted at night side on demand. Hopefully buy some time in the early morning hours. Please take take the opportunity to listen to that hour if you haven't heard it. And I hope that monkey loses well, well, you could say whatever you want, we Ah Wei will certainly be talking about that. That election is a September 1st 2 seconds term limits. Yeah, that's that's one of the reasons. Yeah, but I don't know that Joe Kennedy will articulate anyway. Thanks, Lenny. Appreciate you call. Have a good day, my friend. Thank you, sir. Take it easy. 617 to 5 for 10. 30 Triple 89 to 9 10 30 going to go to Steve in Boston. Steve to funding the police in Boston. Big City. What do you think? Again. How are you, my friend? I'm doing great, Steve. I'm guessing you're not going T o boy funding the police. No way. No way at all. You know, you know if they do that in Boston, several fiscal years down the road, ma'am Veneno, my former boss would roll over in his grave. The minute you do that the word will go out on the Internet in Chinatown in the theater district will be overwhelmed again with prostitution. Yeah, There was a period came back in the late in the mid seventies and into the horrible It was. Yeah, it was tough on it was horrible. It was. It was Kevin wife. Are the former mayor Kevin Hagen. Wife. Ah, he created that. Ah, and it was Detrimental to high school girls, the young college ladies and all the ways that.

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