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This characteristic my position cross the board. I did not praise racist that is not true. Number one. Number two, if we want to have this campaign litigated, who supports civil rights, whether I did or not, I'm happy to do that. I was a public defender. I didn't become a prosecutor. I came out, and I left a good law firm to become a public defender. When in fact, when, in fact. In fact. In fact, my city was inflamed because of the fastest Dr king number one number two, as US says excuse me, as the vice president is states. I worked with the man who in fact, we worked very hard to see to it. We don't with these issues in a major, major way, the fact is that in terms of the busing, I never would have been able to go to school, the same exact way because it was a local decision made by your city council. That's fine. That's one of these argued for that we should not be we should be breaking down these lines. But so the bottom line here is everything I've done in my career, I ran because civil rights, I continue to think we have to make fundamental changes in civil rights and civil rights, by the way include not so many African Americans but the LGBT community vice president, do you agree to do you agree today that you were wrong to oppose busing in America? Then do you agree are? Did not oppose busing in America. What I pose is bussing ordered by the department of education. That's when I posed. Your faith to engineering schools in America. I was part of the second class to integrate Berkeley, California, Public schools, almost two decades after Brown v board of education, because your city council made that decision was that. That must them in. That's why we need to because there are moments in history faith fail to preserve the civil rights are deported from the Verity Genting thirty seconds. I want to bring other lender yards from the very beginning. I'm the guy that extended the Voting Rights Act for twenty five years. We got to the place where we got ninety eight ninety eight votes, the United States Senate doing it. Also argued very strongly that we've fact deal with the notion of the nine people access to the ballot box. I agree that everybody wants say, in five times, Dr or there's so much on which to chew in this five minutes. I wanna give you I an opportunity to give your general reaction to that exchange which has been replayed on my show, four times on every other media outlet across the country. Well. We've reached the place in America, where opposing bussing children long, distances to integrate schools is racist. But of course, parents have a profound reason to want to their kids are going to be writing on buses for a long time. And it's time they're not working in school, and it's time. They're tired, right? So let's like bussing or not. It has some bad effects. The other thing is his news stuck with a difficult because he seems to admit the primitive, so the art being into possessing racist. Yes, yes, but, but, but until then he hangs his hat on. I'm in favor of busing city council orders that, but not if government orders, and that's an amazing bow to constitutionalism into companies that he's keeping these days. So it's hard to see how that will work for him. And I and I lost to say hard to see how exactly this will work for camel Harris because, you know, this picture of American society that, that, you know, racial violence is, is common is. You know, is that true? I mean it used to be true that the law was used to hold people in their place. A form of that truth today, because the inner cities are mass, although employment is rising in, which seems to me the answer. So, you know it's. Did you know nothing? It's what's happening on many college campus. They think not might. She's hurt and wounded by something that Joe Biden did forty years ago. But here's she stands, powerful woman seeking vantage. So she's the victim and she's the bully also said something, and she ferried smart. I think she invited you Twen it can't just be an intellectual. It can't be an intellectual debate among Democrats. And I thought to the Lincoln Douglas debates, which I explained Chautauqua yesterday. Seven of them an hour for the first beaker an hour and a half for the second speaker and a half hour to the first Baker seven times we've talked about them at length before those were intellectual debates of the highest order, Dr on. And there we had anti intellectualism just put out there. Moreover, we also had extra constitutionalism the equal rights amendment people saying pass it, it was limited by its own terms to a. March nineteen Seventy-nine deadline fell short of its thirty eight states that deadline was extended June of nineteen eighty two and it fell short. It's dead. You can't revive it. But they indulged that for the purposes of pandering. It's Platon tely demagogic in remember difference about these debate. I read in the Wall Street Journal this morning, fifteen people watch these debates, and that's a big healthy audience. Last year, the Republican debates going twenty four million, and that's Trump is a crowd. But. These debates because the media, there are gatekeepers. Whereas in the Lincoln Douglas debate the two guys had to fit their own crowd. And they, you know, the largest crowds in American history. They it's far as we can tell and why because there was a huge issue under debate. And these two guys squared off in a turning point state, and they both. Well as Douglas had a huge reputation when it began and Lincoln had a huge reputation with ended so that drama was produced naturally by the political system. And this is powerfully affected by the simple fact that, that works got an audience. And so, and, you know who gets in these tailed rules? So your favorite, Mr. deline, it's, you know, thirty seconds and somehow that's because he doesn't have. Nobody knows who he is. And there's some rule about that. But there's no naturalness too. And you're right. I think that talent has way winning out anyway. You're saying that camel Harris is pounded. And, you know, the slur against her is that she's not. And, you know, just looked like she did pretty well. And I think that rhetoric matters, and that eloquence is underrated and that Americans grudgingly here and respond to it, and that measured rhetoric even if that is full of straw. Mayor Pete was wins. And that being bumble and stumbling. That's why the Lincoln Douglas debates if I recommended that you talk with David strap than Richard Dreyfuss narration that you and I spent so much time on their marvelous, and they were at such a high level and many of the people, they were talking to probably couldn't read Larry art. Well literacy rates back then where they really. Oh, yeah. And they. You know that not like today. But. It's also important, what did they read? They read the King, James bible, and six peers place and homes tended to if they had books. They had those two and remember that the King, James bible and Shakespeare's plays were produced at the same time wrestling in England. The translation of the King James bible, he's basing language. And so they, you know, and Lincoln himself, you know, who's pours anybody ever grew up to be president United States almost pours anybody ever group, simply? Lincoln headed detailed knowledge of Shakespeare's plays, and he had the translate. The reproduction of the printing, publishing of them was inconsistent back in those days, and he had several copies of MacBeth, and he went to mini performances of it could compare the differences and say, which one he thought was the actually the accurate one and he have long discourse about that. Well, he was talking to a lot of people who had similar interests and similar educate. We'll come back and talk about that. We're going to talk about the supreme court as well. Which did a couple of very important things yesterday, which I will discoursed with Dr Larry Arnn. We come back over. Now, let me tell you about relief factor dot com, which I think I've sent the Larry Arnn. I think I saw it lying around over it at the Kirby Center when I was last there. And for this reason, Larry's actually working out walking around zipping up and down the college campus and up and down the steps at the Kirby Center, which you got more steps than any other building. I approach. In Washington DC, except the congress and I don't know what they do in the wintertime, when they're AC. But if you fall down your shovel the snow you'll need relief.

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