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For the half dr report our buddy scot graeme we'll check scores around the league for week number one of the nfl season at set at your way perhaps if you're the browns to timeouts 41 seconds from your old eleven yard line at it feels like some windsor started this were a little bit yeah and you know they've had some success throughout this game of going quick nohuddle keeping the steelers defense offbalance expect the same thing here the twominute drill first and attend probably eleven for cleveland three possessions alleged claes three points from under center it's a handoff to matthew days of the rookie trying to counter back to the all right off guard finds a few yards weeding to the fourteen anthony chick alone undercuts cuts of their second charged time out have a steelers will employ a time out that leads them with 135 seconds before halftime here with a mentality with a firstdown rawda twominute drill with twotime outs makes me think that you jackson wants to take this team into halftime not trying to stress the offense down the field not force kaiser into some bad throws and a costly interception right before the end of the first half so they're trying to play conservative right now but the steelers also play in the game they had two timeouts who used the one of two and hopefully preserved some time here the end of the first half or another possession shotgun single back reich slot right second added seven for their fourteen fourteen sabah the steelers lead they break backside pressure kaiser's steps would rotate down to your life plot year the 25 by corey qomaty pops out of bounds at around the twenty seven yard liable get thirteen anthony tshikalange eric coverage block rose it at twenty nine sec all right now you get the ball downfield a little bit to what your best playmakers on the outside he wisely steps out of bounds preserving the clock at twenty nine seconds still two timeouts i personally think that you can test these guys this evening a throw the ball down.

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