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Was also a singer. Billy did you ever see his photography. I think it was like large women. I think was what i bought the book. He was so cool. I mean he's kind of a role model for me For a bunch of reasons one of them is that if he wanted to do something and it was going to ruffle feathers or break boundaries and paradigm. He just went ahead and did it. That book got him in huge trouble. As as you may remember if you were into it at the time because he was photographing women in settings clothings that are traditionally reserved for man within the traditional jewish religion and he got in huge trouble with that a couple of philanthropic organizations kicked him out or at least you know stopped having him sponsor them and still are stuff like that and he just went ahead and did it anyway. Because it's it's the art that he wanted to make. I also love how he several times. He was able to reinvent himself from scratch. And i told him that when i was talking to him and i remember he said well well i have to. I find it's it's just necessary in life you have to. You can't avoid it. You have to reinvent yourself at least three or four times. it's there's no avoid. That was really good wisdom to receive from someone that i really benefited from hearing. Someone say that yes. It sounds a lot like you how to reinvent myself. Yeah that i wanted to. That's for sure so when you do go on a tour. Is this like you do a package to you. Know like is it all like eighties and nineties bands. Get together or is it. How does information society to were. We've done a lot of shows a lot of a lot of other eighties axe recently With a bunch of times and the book of love think was it may not work for minimum. Pats remember we did a few shows with the cutting crew and wang chung but only parts of each of them and they were playing together and they they were trying to come up with. What would be the name for this combination of wang chung in the cutting crew and of course the one i want them to use was the wang cutting. But you know as funny as that sounds. They didn't go for it and I remember they eventually settled on but we did a few shows with them a lot of other bands like that but when we go to brazil it's pretty much just us. Yeah okay. Wow yeah like these package tours. Sometimes you you get like three or four songs to play at that usually how it work. That's more like a track show We don't do so many of those anymore. There've been a few free style reunion events in york city over the last ten years or so Where it's more like that. We do one or three songs but for the most part where either doing full concerts when it's just us or when we do the the package things it's between six and ten you were on tommy boy. Which did you feel like you fit in or no. We didn't That was the whole story quest. Is that why you don't fit in. How cool that's it. You didn't want to be like oh queen latifah digital underground. I mean it didn't matter whether we wanted to be. There was no way we would have known how to sit in with that crowd. Was there a bidding war it all back in the day like or was it. Tommy boy wanted to sign. You know we got one offer and we're gonna them. Yeah yeah and then we got lucky. That tommy boy Happened to become acquired warner brothers so we ended up being a warner brothers. Act because timing with time realized that especially was was going to be danced singles and that pop music album. That wasn't really contained within the freestyle. Genre was not something they knew how to handle so they kept the part of the businesses involved putting out the singles and they gave the album promotion to warner brothers and put it on their reprise label q. Screeches current larson harland we. I was using my middle name for a long long long time as my last name got married. My wife and i both changed to larson's i changed back. And she changed larsen so we just wanted to injure names together so we should call you. Kurt larson that. Guess if you want to don't call you late for dinner. Yeah no common. Kurt valentine i dropped that okay came up with an highschool on really embarrassed r. Tolkien thing i'm gonna go bye. Thank you so much. Take care okay. So we got a little bit about The music industry a little bit about the video game industry. We heard all about it. From kurt larson a little bit about leonard. Nimoy demori as well. Who doesn't want to hear good leonard moisture but thanks to railroad in rabi publicity for hooking us up. Begged occurred larson from information society. The album is called odd fellows and it is out. Of course please check us out on social media and subscribe to our youtube channel. You can find some stuff on there that you may not here in the podcast. So on youtube we are. What difference does it make. Podcast and just subscribe any joy. I will do just that. What difference does it make is a proud member of the pantheon. Podcast family tilburg fibers days. Business all over now..

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