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A new crash over in the westbound side of the one who won the venture Freeway at Canaan Road. Looks like two vehicles involved in this one block the number one lane facing the wrong way, too. So that's West 11. Do you see a little bit of slowing? I'm not seeing a huge delay quite yet. Probably some wet roads involved in that situation again. If you are driving around the freeways pretty slick from last night's rain, So take it easy on the gas pedal, and it is if it's raining where you are. Turn on your windshield wipers on your headlights, westbound side of 91 still plagued with delays through Serena's, So we had a crash over near Norwalk full of our traffic. Slow back, not avenue. News, Our teacher Boulevard or South Street or one 83rd going West. Betting on how far West we got to go if you have to get back out of the 91 do it at Norwalk Boulevard eastbound side of the 91. I'm gonna crash at Imperial Highway That's got traffic slope back near the 55. Stay slowed to get in Anaheim Hills after that clears up heading into Kuroda and got another crash. Westbound side of the 91 This one just before Green River Road. So leaving Corona, you could see the slowing start Right before the 71. We had reports of flooding roadway on the 60 over near the 71. So you can see a little bit of slowing on that West 60 as you come out of Chino. Longevity matters. Bob Smith BMWs right here to serve you today, just as they have been for over 100 years. Visit Bob smith BMW dot com or call them at 1 800 Bob Smith expect the ultimate buying experience just off the 101 and Calabasas. Next. Reports. 10 55 more reports more often. Tom friend, the video audio center. Com Traffic Center can extend 70 NewsRadio rain, The thunder, the Lightning, and then now we have mount snow in our higher elevations. Some more than half an inch in areas like your Belinda for rain more than half an inch in the cove er city.

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