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The set of get up on ESPN. Saying worry about gronkowski. What do you think? The jets. I'm going to be taken seriously. And of course, that offended host Mike Greenberg who got up and walked out instead of getting up he walked out. But I think Mike Greenberg understands for chance high. Yeah. The jets less the buffalo. Yeah. I agree with Rick's lane. And that's why say when we were talking about we're going to talk about the the game's going ahead for the patriots. And that's why I played that because the jets twice twice before the end of the season. So but yet no surprise that. The jets are that bad. And what we we're talking about before we went to break. Yeah. What do they got to make the playoffs? Yeah. Maybe they won't get the buy. But at least the three or four seat right at the worst. Yeah. They put together a run that could be the one or two seed if they go three and three down the stretch, you know, what that means ten and six they're still AFC's champs. Right. Right. Emme loss last week already. The jets lost the bills like anybody that could have gained ground on the bun. The patriots this week lost all of these years since two thousand and one. So this is the eighteenth year. They've never made it to the Super Bowl by going through the wildcard round haven't gone through it many times. They didn't do that one and five they beat the jets in the first round. And no they'd be Jacksonville in the first round. And then lost Denver in the division round two thousand six they beat the jets in Foxborough. Then they went to San Diego and beat the chargers, then loss to the colts in the AFC championship game two thousand nine they got bounced one and done against the colts in the wildcard round. So it just shows you how great this team is Ben for seventeen years that they are generally one or two seed, and that's the way they get to the Super Bowl and unless they can be the one or two see this year. They're gonna have to pay an extra games can be a wildcard game at Gillette stadium against whoever. Cincinnati probably not likely them. They're not very good, maybe Tennessee. But if they're the four seed. Then you're looking at I love the chargers or the chiefs even coming in here. Those teams look to be much better than the patriots at this point at this point again, more well rounded, I think the Kansas City defense is starting to take hold a little bit. And I just think the chargers top to bottom have the best roster in the AFC do on both sides of the ball. Once they ever figure out there kicking as you which has been going on for several years. But they were Rex Ryan is saying is, you know, division is done. But to really go far in the playoffs Christian. They're going to need rob gronkowski. And I know people say, hey, you know, what two years ago they won the Super Bowl without rob gronkowski. Yeah. They did Tom Brady was playing at a higher level that defense was better than this defense. And I think he had more weapons back in two thousand sixteen yet Julian Ataman, he also had Danny amendola who I think you kind of miss this year and HOGAN was a factor in two thousand sixteen so he had more weapons in two thousand sixteen and let's not forget he never rob gronkowski in two thousand sixteen but he had a viable tight end. Martellus Bennett was pretty darn good and twenty six. Didn't he have one Dion Lewis Dion Lewis is not happy happy. But you know, through some shade the patriots. Yeah. About you get your do you want to pay for people to get dressed kicked and look not paying Dan Lewis was the right move by the patriots you can request for running back like that. No, no. You don't need. And then Malcolm Butler, I wouldn't have at this point. Apparently, you can make the case not apparently you can make the case that five years sixty one million is too much from outcome Butler. It just doesn't forgive bell. Check for not playing in the Super Bowl to totally different arguments. Because Butler struggle this year doesn't justify benching him in the Super Bowl. That's that's anybody. That comes up with that take his is idiotic. I'm sorry. It just makes no sense whatsoever. But when you're looking at what Brady had around him two years ago without gronkowski. He had more weapons than he has. Now. Let's not forget Edelman is two years. Older. Also coming off a knee injury. There's no amendola, right? I mean amendola was huge factor in the last several Super Bowl runs. Hogan was a factor in two thousand sixteen. He has not been a factor. This time around you did have Dion Lewis to chip in with James white as you running backs that could do a lot of good things out of the backfield. And as I said Martellus Bennett was a darn good tight end wasn't rob gronkowski. But you know, what with gronkowski out? He was better than having Dwayne Allen or Hollister is your next tight end is going to have to help this passing game. You do have Josh Gordon. But again when you look at Josh Gordon's numbers this year his percentages of targets. He's he's receiving about fifty three percent of those targets on Sunday. Four catches on twelve targets. That's disastrous. As pointed out earlier Christopher Christian Michael Thomas for the New Orleans Saints is at ninety percent. I mean, the saints are playing at some other different level of putting up fifty one like, it's nothing. But it's also, you know, judge Gordon is new to this team. He's only been in what six weeks, maybe a player used to being close. He has no explosion. Well, not only that it takes time the players to learn the playbook. He's also dropped. I get cooks like it. Just started Neil get into groove late in the season to try him almost a whole year to get on the same page as is Brady. And then the patriots Welsh shipped him out. Yeah. I started over now with judge go until I dunno Brady was too happy about that. Because he probably was just get on the same page. It looks like click and now and now I'm going to start over again. And now he's getting Josh. One year rental four weeks into the season. Grandiose Scranton cooks was one year rental. You traded first round pick forum. You use them for years. You've got a first round pick form actually a better first round pick. So if you're looking at now, you yeah. That was a good move. But on the football field tell you know, that would that would certainly help Tom Brady. So obviously the issues the offense especially in the road or concerning because if you take away those three defensive or special teams touchdowns against the bears and bills their Jing sixteen points per game on the road barely averaging three hundred yards of offense on the road there two and three they were fortunate to play the Chicago team that wasn't quite ready for prime time. And then they were fortunate to play the Buffalo Bills on a Monday night. But looks look forward. Kristen six games left patriots of seven and three. And right now would be the three seed. They would play the Cincinnati Bengals if the playoffs started today, which would be the perfect team to come in to Foxborough because I couldn't see the natty Bengals being the patriots at Gillette stadium. If they played in Cincinnati. They couldn't beat the patriots. If they played in Marvin Lewis has backyard they couldn't beat the patriots. So that would be the perfect team to come in. But the patriots could drop to the four seat or they can move up to one and two. Here's the final six games. Obviously this week is a BI week comes at a perfect time. Get some guys healthy maybe gronkowski gets healthy and is able to contribute over the final six games of the season. Then you go to the jets that's in week twelve jets right now or three and seven defensively, they're ranked twenty sixth. So you're not playing an elite defense to say the least he should be able to win that game. Although the jets at times have been able to kind of be a pain in the butt, especially at the Meadowlands. But I don't think the jets can be taken seriously at this point three and seven we don't even know who's gonna quarterback is it going to mean old, man. Mccown was going to be the young Duke Sam darnold of this eighteen year difference between those two quarterbacks and the patriots will be fine and Buffalo's offense to select them they did and have nobody Matt Barkley off the street. Yeah. And they just release Peter. And by the way, I know that you're disappointed that Peterman will no longer. No more Peterman will be a quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. But yeah, I think if the. That was the Celtics. The patriots cannot go in and beat the jets. That's not a good sign after the bills dislike them, they may not even make the playoffs after by weekend. Maybe the jets will come from out of the clouds and win their last six games in the patriots. And rob Parker would look like a genius. He said the New York JETRO politicians make come in and win. The AFC is going to win the division Miami. Who knows they could be fined five if you know if the patriots. On this like losing. So they beat the jets at the Meadowlands then this is a tough game. Minnesota comes in the Vikings are five three and one. They have the fifth ranked defense. They haven't quite put it all together this year some injuries on defense not playing quite the level. They were last year. They have absolutely no running game. They have a great passing game with. I think probably the best one two punch in terms of wide receivers and Steph on digs and. Dealing dealing his name. Right. The first time and digs are great. One two punch their five three and one. Now the benefit of the patriots may have against Minnesota Christian is the previous game from Minnesota's a Sunday night game in Minnesota against the Packers. Although no one ever overlooks. The patriots of Minnesota will be ready for that one. And then they go on the road again for two more games at Miami. The dolphins five and five they have the twenty ninth ranked defense if there was ever a time where a trip to Miami is something you look forward to in terms of football. They should be able to win in Miami against that defense. Right. And the dolphins somehow we're five and five, but they did get off to a three and they've only won two of their last seven. So that's a game. Obviously, the patriots will go in his favourite, you'd think whatever reason they seem to struggle in Miami. The quarterback is it Brock Osweiler Arabia's is going gonna be Tanny hill. Now Osweiler does the guy. But even so I'm not saying they may be garbage team. But the patriots. Problem for them problem in Miami and division games. So they used to play in them. They know everything nothing's going to be a surprise to the dolphin. So on paper. I would think the patriots should win the game. But wouldn't be surprised if that's one of the losses. Here's the biggest game left for the patriots right at Pittsburgh Steelers, six two and one this could be for the second seed and a first round by that is what is going to be at stake potentially in this matchup. If they hold serve getting there. The Steelers have the ninth ranked defense their offense offenses clicking on all cylinders. It would set up perfectly for the Steelers to beat the patriots. But it kind of set up for the Steelers to beat the patriots last year. And although Pittsburgh, I'll play the patriots for fifty eight minutes. They still screwed up at the end. And the patriots won that game that to me of the final six games. That's the one that will tell us a lot about this patriots team because that's going to be an opportunity to play a playoff team on the road with a lot at stake. They win that game. They could be the number two seed L could even be the number one seat of things. Break their way, we Kansas City losing a game or two down the stretch if they lose that game. Then they just look like a fake contender at that point. Because they can't beat an elite team on the road, which they're going to have to do if they're going to have to go through the road to get back to the Super Bowl because it's the patriots set. This is what's gonna happen this week on a by right? They don't play. They can't win or lose know exactly, but they can gain. So the Steelers are gonna lose. So they'll jump right back into the master of the scheduling is not here today jets drier, but I the new master. But who are they playing of this stuff? Yes, we'll lose playing Everett high school doesn't matter. They will lose the Steelers will lose. Find out who they're playing. It. Doesn't matter. The patriots Steelers will lose the patriots jump jump back into the two seed and will lose the Rams. So when the patriots returned to play they will be the two seed and be only one game behind the chiefs for the number one overall, and they had the tiebreaker tend to break there. That's why I'm saying it doesn't matter who they're playing Zillow's. We'll lose the patriots are going to gain ground on their by week watching on both the number one in this could happen, right? Pittsburgh's at Jacksonville nine OBE. Jacksonville's Benny dumpster fire. They they beat it was and they won that game. And they beat him in Pittsburgh twice last year this game Jacksonville. And look the Steelers. I know you can't always trust them. No. They always have a stinker threat in the middle of all this when they're supposed to be clicking on all cylinders. So you're right. They could lose that game. We know Kansas City is playing the Rams in Mexico City next Monday that's supposed to be unless the field disaster. So who knows but yeah, they play they will play. Julia. Now, if they don't play Mexico City house he played online this one of the guys from the newspaper in LA the home team..

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