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They were these sponsor of our food this evening that was included in the tickets hope hope labor to got to enjoy that as well, Dan. And I are going to be doing this on a weekly basis. We're going to do our very first show from the studio, which is my basement. On wednesday. Don't tell them that. We have beautiful looking good. But you're it's like Wayne's world. And and it's going to be on Wednesday in mattress director going this, by the way, it's always very conscious with stories. He tells these great stories, but we're at lunch. And then he feels obligated say my boring you and everybody's just like on the edge of their body. Okay. But mattress direct is are presenting sponsor design air Seth gold camp, who I believe design the fate g unit T shirt, which is getting popular for the podcast. And then also try at Bank or our sponsors for the hot stove show. So that's going to be once a week throughout the course of the off season. And then when Dan and I get down to spring training starting in February and March we'll be doing to a week, and it all be on Facebook live and on Twitter periscope, and you can listen on dance podcast scoops with the anti MAC and the Tim mckernan show. So you'll be able to listen to this as well tomorrow and all of our podcasts throughout the course, the baseball offseason because we feel like this off season is so important to cardinal fan. This is where we have grown. I think by leaps and bounds will first of all last year, we weren't doing it. And then at this time and then in spring training, we're at your kitchen table, and we had to figure out a way to make your babies sleep. And. And we were doing enough a phone. So that we have taken great steps in the right direction technologies pretty strong. I know everybody here probably isn't watching it. But we have two phones their one phone there too in the middle their one there. And so they're back there behind the curtains running this thing like a like television. So so you'll be able to watch it on Facebook live on periscope minder standing is the president of baseball operations at the Saint Louis cardinals. John mosaic law is here. Please. Onto the stage. Come on up..

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