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The Europeans are doing their best to cast dispersions at this peace deal because the Europeans would much prefer there to be conflict in the released a piece in the Middle East so long as they can uphold their own moral integrity. In ripping on Israel, it seems, but the change that are being made right now it'd be very difficult to reverse, given the fact that the changes were really effectuated as a direct response to the complete malfeasance and failure of the West, siding with Iran. Yeah, And I guess sort of. Obviously, I want the president to be elected for, you know, I just think it's very important and I'm in an official capacity, you know, accidentally do a hatchback violation of Anything political, But what I will say is that you know the president his his value. His efforts to get up to today are hard to overstate like it would have been impossible to do both feel yesterday if not for the president's leadership for his stance against Iran for his Work with Israel, bringing our ally closer and making them feel and know that we will have their bac in a very difficult region, and it's sort of a source of of fear in the sense that should somebody else you know, Beginning the reins on this file, things could unfortunately go in in a bad direction, and so You know, President Trump leadership here is necessary. And I think if he you know if the American public is the honor of getting to work on this file her, you know the next four years. I think we will be in a tremendously positive situation as it relates to both Iran with their having tremendous problems and wanting to come and make a deal on. I think you know, with certainty that President Trump is not going to make a bad deal, right? Nothing to him. A bad deal is worse than you know. The note. So you know, we need that. We're speaking with the RV. Berkowitz, assistant to the president, Special representative for international Negotiations. Final Load here. One of the nostrils of the left in the United States has been that only left wing Israeli regimes only left wing Israeli administrations would ever make peace deals. It seems to me that the vast majority of the time in right wing Israeli Administrations that made peace deals ranging from Menachem Begin Tio Arial Sharon Tio Benjamin Netanyahu. The going wisdom was that because Benjamin Netanyahu was not going to make concessions to Palestinian terrorists, therefore could not make deals with other Arab regimes that obviously was proved to be untrue. Yeah, your 100, right? And honestly, I'd like to think Prime Minister Netanyahu and Ambassador Ron Dermer both of whom are really just extraordinarily smart and great people, and they worked very, very hard to get through today and And you know, Prime Minister Antonya speech yesterday..

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