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Yeah and actually. I'd like to very quickly Talk a bit about the about where this came from especially the themes of it. Sure as we move through it So have you guys. Ever read atlas shrugged. No i know as inspiration for this though. Yeah mike don't don't don't do that yourselves. it's i have. This whole game is a lot of teams based off the theories of objectivism which was my warning at the beginning of the episode and objectivism is the theory that everyone in society should work play and live exactly as they want without care for anybody else's opinions or thoughts it is hyper capitalism like super-duper hyper-capitalist where there's no room for altruism there's no room for social structure or you know social services if you if you are not living to the best of your ability. You are a leech on society. You are a grub that needs to be stamped out and atlas shrugged essentially a book. That's a fictional book. And it's basically i'm not gonna go through gonna go through this story and atlas shrugged but essentially it involves a guy named john who invents a machine for petchel energy. They're all these randy and figures. Who are these industry magnates. I think this is written in the fifties. So it's all oil barons and steel barons and railroad tycoons and not as fun as the game fifty. It's basically all these. These industry types are tired of being leached from society. They're tired that the world is not supporting them. They're not doing what they ought to do. They are leeches off them so they decide the strike. John galt has an eighty page monologue in which he explains over the radio the entire theory of objectivism multiple times eighty page monologue friends. Oh lord what they do. Is they decide to all retreats. John galt basically gets everyone. All the major figures of the society to retreat to a hidden hate in the forest field protected gulch scout golf's coach where they were gonna let society crumbling on itself because no one can take their place. Known is a smart and as driven as they are citing falls apart. They're gonna come back when society falls apart and rebuild it in their image and it's a nice happy ending in in her world in ayn rand's world bioshock is. What really would happen if you did that. That route bioshock is what happened when you try to put together science and art and society without morals or rules or anything like that. It does not turn out. Well we need those things in our society to keep things on an even keel. So if you have a friend you got at our house. And you see atlas shrugged on their bookshelf. Don't don't disown them as friends that that's not the right thing but talk music are you..

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