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Yeah i mean we just don't quite know exactly what this of outer programs that that voss has envisioned will take whether it's a tax credit and and what kind of rules i'm debt schools will be required to follow generally if you're getting federal money you have to follow federal law and that would include ida and but like i said we we it's just it's sort of up in the air on what exactly that's going to look like in terms of both students civil rights of these at these uh schools getting vouchers and also in terms of disabled students but it certainly something at people have been very worried about i'm early in her confirmation hearings betsy devos seemed to not know i'll whether or not idea was a federal law and on and that that has are that it already sort of started people very nervous i'm from the very beginning speaking of rights for students uh a few months ago the education department rescinded guidelines for protections of uh transgender and gay students molly speak to that some reported that betsy devos wanted to keep those guidelines but lost the battle here how did that play out yeah i mean it it's hard to say what went on behind the scenes but that certainly was a narrative that i and a lot of other people were hearing that she did not want to take back these guidelines of jeff sessions did when when they ended up rescinding the guidelines which again would allow transgender students to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity um sexual devan said you know we're going to come out with some new guidelines protect transgender students which which they did last week um and it's it's unclear exactly some advocates are nervous about those those guidelines that they issued they don't specifically mention on bathroom rights which is obviously a huge issue for the transgender community they focus more on on bullying by individuals students um so certainly people are very nervous about that uh mexican do you worry that secretary devos will abandon protections oh for some of these students.

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