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Laurean Columbia, the original the best. There are only three African Americans in the whole of Senate. You're one of them are Democrats. So as we go forth. It's interesting to note, your prominence there as a person of color, and then I want to get from you, which you want the country to hear about what Stephen King said. Well, first, let me just congratulate and thank my Republican leaders. Kevin McCarthy Joni earth's Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Jason Chaffetz who've all spoken out loud and clear and rebuke the comments of Steve king. I think the house will handle its business. I have confidence that Kevin McCarthy. We'll do the right thing. And we'll do it very quickly. So I look forward to that outcome. But for me, it's not about the Republican party. Steve king's comments are is analytical to what is. In fact, the American dream the durability of the American dream is a strength of the American spirit. And what he did was he struck against the American speed spirit. So you weaken the spirit, and when that happens our nation is less competitive globally. I wanted you to hear from Senator Scott there about Steve king's remarks, I didn't wanna just talk to you about what happened on the view and to make a Mallory and. Which is obviously heightened right now because of Steve king, and and that whole controversy without airing out. What's the king said, which was essentially wended, white supremacy and white nationalism become a bad thing? I forget the exact quote, it was something along those lines at actually here. Of course. This is the Buck Sexton show, we are precise. Thank you produce your Mike, the New York Times, quoted Steve king, asking white, nationalist, white supremacists. Western civilization. How did that language become offensive? When someone does something like this, it it ticks me off on multiple levels. When someone says something like this who claims to be a Republican or a conservative because it makes the cause and the job of conservatism harder. He makes it harder for all of us. Now, which means that I'm obviously going to very vehemently oppose people who say things like this because conservatism is all about an ideology of individual responsibility. Intrinsic? Human worth and human dignity, and the respect that we all owed to each other as God's creatures and as human beings, we are all equal in the eyes of God without that, you don't have conservatism. Without that. You got you got something else. I don't know what it is. And perhaps Steve king just incredibly poorly worded worded something incredibly poorly. I can't apparently work things. Well, right now, either he essentially might have just said something that sounded terrible that he didn't intend to but it sounded terrible. And so you gotta call somebody out for that. And I don't think he's walked back at all. But I wanted to note there, you had GOP Senator, and he's an African American, of course, Senator Scott, and he's saying that this has no place, and he pointed out that a lot of the most prominent GOP folks out there in congress say this has no place. So don't let them eat ego thing. Republicans never condemn this stuff. Oh, no. We condemn it. All the time. We condemn it. We don't like it. And we don't like the lies around situations. Like this either where we are told, okay? Conservatives have no problem with this bull crap. Now with that said, I would like to move on for just a couple moments here to the teachers strike out in L A, as you know, I'm heading out to San Diego tonight. I will be there and coming to you assuming I can figure out the scheduling of things that should be coming to you from the near the border tomorrow on radio the normal time. So don't worry about that. Although I may have to have a pinch hitter. If the logistics get too complicated because I'm going to be going all over the place at the border, and I'm looking forward to getting a lot of ground truth as well as spending some time in sixty five degree weather instead of twenty five degree weather. That sounds particularly nice. But there's a teachers strike that will be happening in Los Angeles. And I think that this is a good opportunity to point out that the teachers, I'm not just knee jerk. Oh, you know, the teachers they want more money is is about the teachers. Have a pretty good case for getting a pay raise not not an iron clad case. But when you look at where they are vis-a-vis where they were fifteen or twenty years ago and the pay increases over time. Teachers, I think are on some reasonable ground, especially in places like West Virginia where they were the forty nine out of fifty in terms of overall pay teachers should be well compensated as teachers, right? They should be well compensated, the grand scheme of things we can't pay them like investment bankers, although investment bankers who tell you. They can't get paid like Silicon Valley barons. But teachers overall have had a decent point. The problem though, in Los Angeles is where's all the money going because there's a lot of money, and they have in fact, two billion dollars of funds that have been set aside that the city of Los Angeles, of course, entirely run by Democrats isn't entirely the school district in Los Angeles. It's a democrat owned and operated and run situation. Right. The Democrats are completely in charge. I don't think anybody would deny that. That's just the truth. The problem, though, is that the money that they want to use for a teacher raise is allocated to retirees from the school system and their benefits you see one part of the conversation whenever you're talking about public sector unions. That does not get accounted for is. What are we paying for the previous workforce that we had? That's usually where unions get the sweetest deals because it's a lot easier to say we're going to give people great benefits in thirty years or twenty years when they retire. Instead of we're going to give them a big pay raise today. So they tend to have a lot of major back in public sector expenses and the other place where there's a problem is you could give all teachers this is courtesy, my friend Inez. Felker step men over at the. Federalist you could give all teachers and eleven percent raise. If you adjust indexed the increase in administrative hiring, meaning admin staff to the rest of the schools growth. So if there's ten percent more students, you have ten percent, more admin staff the truth is that the money and the teachers in the teaching systems of these major school district's like Los Angeles has gone to support personnel. Admin staff a lot of whom are unnecessary and are just part of a giant democrat jobs program. So, you know, it's more complicated than just teachers should get raised. Should you? Just get a raise. Maybe they should get something raise. But they've also going to look at how they're going to fund their pension how they're going to fund their healthcare benefits. And what about all this admin staff they have around. That's the part of this the public won't find out about. And that's why this will all eventually be handled with you guessed it more raising of taxes, which will cause more middle class flight from California. W baltimore's..

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