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For the third time this year, the second time this week, and the Illinois state trooper has been struck and killed six year old Gerald Ellis was killed what police cruiser was struck by a wrong way driver. I ninety four and suburban Chicago other driver also died. It's the first time in sixty six years. Three troopers have been killed in a year and April has yet to began. Shawn Balint, ABC news, Springfield, Illinois. Troopers were struck and killed in separate incidents while they were outside their vehicles and Atlanta man is facing murder charges. He's accused of fatally shooting a teenager who knocked on his door by mistakenly say nineteen year old Marion banks who had recently moved into an apartment complex in southwest Atlanta mistakenly went to the wrong apartment after arriving home and knocked on the door of what he thought was the apartment. He shared with his girlfriend soon after a neighbor heard gunshots and heard the teen cry out as seen him running around the corner. And are you hire? It was him saying I'm sorry. It was the wrong door. Police arrested thirty two year old Darrell binds the man who was inside the apartment at the time. He's accused of grabbing a gun confronting the teen and shooting him, Motorola era. ABC news. So you didn't win Powerball will there's always mega millions tonight's jackpot in the multi-state lottery is going to be at least eighty eight million bucks depending on ticket sales. Of course, just over fifty four and a half million. If you take the cash option this is. ABC news. What are you working for? It's about more than what you do. It's about achieving something greater for yourself and for others. So ADP.

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