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That is incredibly uncommon Yup and I think you know if you go as a butter bar and what I mean by that is your a one. You literally have one. What color would be copper? Bronze Yeah. It's like bronze, or it actually looks more gold. Will Be. So they call it a butter bar, then they're a lieutenant J G which for me. I was emphasized that junior grade of lieutenant. And then you know. Lieutenant but you start off the butter bar. You Know Shit, right and you know in the seal community you are in a leadership position, but I think you're thrust into an environment where people want to see you succeed in. It's more about mentorship ls about rock, paper rank, and from my understanding the fleet. It's maybe more heavy on the rock paper RAGUE. There was no in the in the seal community I never saw separation where we were gonNA. Eat Food, you know sometimes they would go to the officers mess. And, and that starts immediately for my understand writer to fleet like the butter bars go into the officer mass. The chiefs are going to the cheese mess and fuck me six, and below you go get the..

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