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You know that song that those are the only two I know but you look at the list of it's still brought me musical so it's like one hundred songs. Well has no memory each song about a different cat. We just did something which blew my mind I clicked on it could have aside layer and it's real okay is a layer of ionized gas. This is where the cats go occurring between athlete ninety one hundred fifty kilometers above the ground faced one of the several layers of the earth ionosphere on a sphere it is also known as the region it affects medium-frequency radio waves because of this respective layer radio waves radiated skycam returned to earth beyond the horizon so cats when they get jealous colder whatever they go to this place ill there's like cats like hanging out just floating zero gravity. I hate that this is whenever you go to the have aside layer wikipedia it says in popular culture and of course is only one instance because who else would be crazy enough to put this in their work of our other than android Weber member how in the nanny Mr Sheffield's like an nemesis android and he like makes fun. It's so it's just really funny how much people know like how much normal more people like myself. I'm not even that theater person just the extent to which Andrew Lloyd Webber as a person and as an artist has infiltrated pop culture is really why that's crazy. The Hamilton of like the eighties like it was a phenomenon it ran ran for years. People may jokes about it across all culture like it's not some small matter and like <hes> like a lot of Broadway musicals it takes a really long time typically for a Broadway musical to turn into a feature her film and usually they don't even work out. I think Hamilton's being sort of fast-tracked but like remember Phantom of the opera took decades you know honestly one the wicked musical has been the works for so long and they can't even get that they were waiting perfect the C._G._i.. And I feel like they should at least thirty years later. What is the what is the new technology digital technology technology they say in the in the teaser ch the feature at her Tom's pairing them with kind of level technology which I think he's ever been used before the digital technology to create the most perfect covering the these people but they cats and this is kind of the teaser for the teaser trailer we are all in the same seem like Valley of aunt of uncanny hair just waving around like it's natural it is not natural uncanny air member the all the conversation about the digital technology in the first monsters inc where they were like well Pixar and again look at the for but were they were ready then the question is will anyone live up to the the high standard set by detective pokemon -tective peak itchy Pok Mon because that for looks and looked like it felt so real so I just wanted to I wanted to touch peekapoos for a have no interest and touching any of the cats no? I don't WanNa touch any of these cab. Are you kidding. They're like rose and life and sexy. I don't WanNa talk to them. Before we started recording once he was like we have enough to talk about right for the episode and I was like Yeah. Of course we spent ten minutes on. We've spent ten minutes on cats. Were GonNA be okay looking at the cats wikipedia. Tom Hooper Tom Hooper <hes>. How do we know Tom Hooper because he went an Oscar for the king speed right? That's that's the main reason letting him do this. fucking thing who wrote wrote the given this is this is the typical blank. Check thing like this is. This is what the blank check podcast based on like Tom. Hooper one made the king's.

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