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Ground ceded to the non vacs group the non mask in the non closure groups and now as just like everyone i it's like there's no distinction here It's not just those groups that are going to be vulnerable. It's gonna be all of our kids that go back to school this year. That are vulnerable now Because i mean they were so loud and so vocal. And i feel like they went out in oklahoma And it's like dan like no one has no one can. No one can do anything now. but i think it's interesting mo more so just considering and i don't think most people understand the flexibility that hospitals were given specifically respond with the state of emergency that they don't now have. I mean it still water. That's really i think in the spotlight at the moment. Where their icu. As small as it may be is is maxed out which matters like. I think the story that i people need to understand is like our health. Systems are finite you know they're not like beyond you know they can't just continually expand in the best the best example i have this was Three weeks ago when we were in and are eleven year old needed platelets and we were at. We were waiting from eleven o'clock in the morning till six. Pm at night waiting on her platelets and there was eight other kids waiting on platelets. And this is in the hematology oncology ward at. Oh you children's and we were all on hold because there was two trauma cases in the oklahoma city area and that put everyone on hold so they could get the blood products to those two cases so a floor full of he mock kids were on hold. And if you just think about what it means that. An entire icu. In you know what pain county is completely full. You know and because there's no state of emergency it can't expand you know and so i mean this is what the mayor is trying to say you know is the water mayor and luckily agassi norman. We don't have that concern yet but you know what. So what options are available Emily like short of a state of emergency. Well i know that for schools. Some folks are wondering what this means for their for them. Being required to educate students with.

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