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We're back with Michelle on Jay, as we talk about her work as a D Manala, just Michelle your Catholic. I'm a Catholic. The Catholic church has been very active lately in studying demons. They have opened up their exercises classes. They're getting more exorcists all over the place. What, what can you tell us about what the Catholic churches is doing on record about this? They've started up deeming next courses, and, you know, typically that's been exclusively for for Catholics Catholic priests. And you know very guarded territory. That is not to say that the, the right of exercises on isn't something that you find in other Christian traditions, as well as other traditions other religions right across the board. But, you know, are popular portrayal partly because of the movie the exorcist, what people identify with classic actresses is very much the, the Roman ritual, they've opened their doors to not merely Catholic at this point. They are concerned enough by a rise in what they believe to be genuine cases of possession across the globe that they want to arm more than just their priests, which is unpaid. Precedent. That's huge news. Isn't it? No. Absolutely not something that has ever happened before. I mean when, when I'd seen the news about it. I started like digging around the internet because of course, we live in the world where you have to, like, find five different citations for something that you read on any news feed to make sure that it's actually really true. That's you're right. I have to look, these things now ten times before I go on the air with it going is this real? I've got a couple of sources that are you know impeccable, but you still never know especially on the internet, and so like double checking and double checking double checking. But, you know it's. It is a week long Vatican course and it's an international series on, I think the title was Xers and the prayer liberation and it's what three hundred euros or so. So what is that? It's probably three sixty on, on under four hundred dollars not, not a lot to become an exorcist for, for, like, the, the level of instruction. They give you a certificate to write your certified. I would imagine something that proves that you are, who you are. Yeah. And that's that's important. That's actually one of the reasons why I resist calling myself a Manala just I've got the, the scholarly background. But again, there's just so many people who just kind of put on the demon. Basically, the problem is, you know, having set in on some things that were pretty hairy, that is not something, I would suggest anybody tried to do after reading just one book, like that's dangerous territory. Not just for the person who they're trying to help, but for anybody else in that room. Go ahead. Why do you think the Catholic church opened up these these courses and certifications to other people who are non Catholic? Well, first of all, I think we've got a pretty fantastic pope who is progressive, and open minded, and on top of that the demon with the church has been really kind of pounding the drums of were in a time, where things are getting intents and I think it only makes sense at that point to be more ecumenical about it. Well that could be absolutely now. Originally. What created demons possessions, was it was it mainstream religion hotted it start in the first place. And I'm talking about way back since the beginning of time if we go back to simmer Babylon their idea of possession, which is almost one for one, what we had identifies desertion possessed person. First of all the things that they had in a fight. His Damon's were non human entities that were intelligent and malevolent and expressly focused on disrupting the the human sphere. They were bringers of chaos and disease and destruction. They were often personified as massive forces of nature, but, you know, took particular interest in individuals. They would overshadow them I 'cause illness but ultimately tried to call into their skin, like get into the person, and then record through the person. The methods of driving that out fascinating way we see an echo in. The Jared seen demoniac in. I think it's in Luke. And in Mark everybody knows this section out of the bible, because it's where I am legion comes from, and it's the fellow who Jesus comes across him. And he's got a legion of demons in Jesus. Ultimately the man's name, they answer the legion and Jesus casts out into her swine, which then go careening off a cliff in and presumably killing the demons. The, the time period that the culture that that occurs in those folks would recognize that as a very classic method of extra schism, because that's how it was done all the way back to Sumer and Babylon. They would get the name of the possessing entity. They would drive it out, usually into a substitute often an animal sometimes figuring, but usually something like a pig or goat. That would then be sacrificed. Thereby killing the demon. That was caught in it because you really didn't want to do that to the person. Right. Right. I mean there is that possibility? You could end up killing the person trying to get the demon. Well, and that's one of the reasons why actresses has been a very controversial thing because sometimes that has happened. It has happened on record. It has been a result in instances were the folks performing actresses them felt very firm that what they were doing was right. You know, having having watched father Bob about a couple of things the folks who are possessed or who are manifesting all of the signs being possessed do not go quietly. And can get violence. And so I, I can understand why. There are circumstances where people are held down or Caisley bound and tied down because, you know, frankly, they one of the signs of demonic possession, because the Catholic church used to be very strict and I think, still is they have a checklist of things that person has to manifest for them to identify it as genuine possession. You know, obviously cycle psychological and psychiatric issues have to ruled out and you know, those are psychiatrists are involved days with, with assessing it, but, you know, a person will exhibit strengths that is beyond their, their mortal frame and know that's that's right there on the checklist, Zena glossier, which is speaking in tongues. Exhibiting languages that they never had exposure to that. They had no opportunity learned exhibiting knowledge because the things that. We believe were dealing with there. They're smarter than your average bear. That's for sure. Yeah. They're, they're, they're more. Tuned into things and will come up with some of the darndest stuff comes out of their mouth in the middle of stuff that much I can attest, what creates the possession in the first place. I mean what did they do to get their guard down? Well. Well. There's a lot of different opinions on that, if you go back to, to the roots of western demon elegy in the tradition of possession, the next them sometimes nothing at all. Like you just pulled the short straw, something you caught something's attention. And maybe you were just not feeling well enough that week. Maybe you didn't prepare the right God. But sometimes it's just bad things happen to good people now, as we've moved forward here, now, there's generally the idea that somehow you invited in that there's some lap in a week aboard maybe. Well. Some of the most convincing letting things in I also back on one of the ones that I said in on on this was this was an instance, that father Bob was involved in, and I will say that, in my opinion, that there was definitely a possessing today, the individual had a history of drugs, and alcohol, and so addiction was a significant issue for him. And it was the opinion not merely father Bob, but also also the psychologist who was working with us that, that was the that was a crack that let this start to get into life, and I find that honestly a much more credible crack than just picking up, you know, a cursed item or whatnot. Could be. Now, you also have you still have this haunted house? Yeah, it's the cozying haunting. So I, I trained people who are what's cozy taunting. So it's, it's a house that was built eighteen sixty nine hundred seventy and it's. Had a series of owners. Many of whom lived thirty forty years like they lived, and they died in the houses in the house, and they are, in my opinion to go, sit on that house, people who simply love it, too much to want to leave. They're not violent they're not negative. They're intelligent. And it was the the best haunting. I could find as kind of a place for psychic training wheels. For folks who are working with spirits were learning to discern the difference between a negative haunting a good haunting who are learning to assess their own abilities. Is the safest thing I could find. Do you enjoy? It obviously. Yeah. Actually, I you know, spend some time getting to know the people who, who were, there is a relaxing. I find it interesting, I suppose it's not everybody's Cup of tea. I was raised in a family where we're like abilities came down on both sides in so spirits weren't necessarily a weird or scary thing growing up. You know, finding that there are certainly much nastier things out there than, you know, just, you know did on EDNA who just has never left upstairs. That's, that's a different thing. But, you know, the house picked up an overland is. Not everything needs to be driven out. And I, I have a very firm stance on that was one of the things that Lorraine and I sometimes. Disagreed on professionally, I really didn't think that everything needs to be cast out of the house, or, or anything like in some cases. Sometimes are deadlocked once come back to watch over us. And you know, it's their choice to come back and they're not causing any trouble actor there to help the problem being that. You know, your person can't tell the difference and isn't necessarily prepared to, to deal with the manifestation of paranormal, it's scary even if it is well intentioned. How do you travel much Michelle to various locations? A little bit less than a used to not that I'm. I guess I'm getting studying my old age. That I picked up inspiration house was I, I really wanted to have the opportunity to have students come to me, rather than have me go all over the place. But we'll still go. There are several teams that I work with, and if the need arises, and if I'm a good fit for what they need. I I will travel. Well travel is, of course, important to the people who need your help, because there aren't a lot of people like you that have that ability to investigate in. I probably assume you cleanser house to can't Cantu. Yeah. Yeah. I do I work with the religious background of the folks who live in a house, and that was another thing that, like, really I respected with the wards you know, they were Catholic and Lorraine went was Catholic till the day. She breathe new laugh. Business. One thing they were all business and one of the things that they highly valued was working with the religious system of the clients. It was an immensely respectable stance. Because, you know, the language of belief is different around the globe. But the belief itself like human impulse to recognize something bigger than ourselves. That's something that unites us all. And so they would go in and I do the same like you go in and you find what speaks to the people because finding what they have faith in, and what can guide their face is, what will arm them best. If it is a dangerous or Dr content. Take Michelle give out your website place. It's my first and last name, Michelle Bella,.

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