Sorvino, Michelle, Tom Selleck discussed on The Ryen Russillo Show - Hour 3


You're not in the godfather and to this day sorvino not happy about it we'll give an ax to grind their feels like he proved him wrong you can check it out on you too the most famous example of this michelle see the most famous examples harrison it's harrison ford right what we it no it's tom selleck as indiana jones your her that tom selleck was going to be indiana jones but he couldn't get out as magnum pi contract so went to harrison ford big miss for tom sell it the indiana jones who had a mustache mo modern shaved it left it would you shaved it no now at that tom selleck though the i know about i'm selling the mustache greatest mustaches of all time tom celic geraldo rivera burt reynolds tough i must as i just know three of them for sure rights rally fingers but roy fingers is almost two that do in too much stage he's got the curl going outright he's got the waxed in curl bening around he's not just he said he was just a mustache my dad was a mustache guy just of just a you know did the stash not doing a thing he's not it's not a bit it's a stash now he does anymore every mustache now's a bit you're doing a bit you're doing a thing it's an inside joked that you're in on no is just doing the mustache to do the mustaches parlor style right.

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