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Talking with james mcclatchy in his uh his hebrides man that what do you call a personal lives in the hebrides hebridean the hebridean and when you think about the hebridean the population is quite sparse how many people live in the outer hebrides over twenty six and a half thousand people twenty six thousand that's like a tiny suburb of edinburgh are these must be people that live there because they had no choice they were born there are there brought there as north and like you or at the people that are getting away from the crazy world in wanting to have a place where they can be closer to nature have a quieter life it's really interesting combination when i went there it was dominantly islando should but barna who lived there for generations and garages who time those people have left amano getting a larger influx of people moving from central belt of england on those plays is looking for that ideal life looking for the tranquility to get away from euro of that you were taught by an older generation who shoji the world of an island denied older generation still exist some of them are still there on what's really eunuch to me is i remember the first time i was about how the numbed his armed was when i arrived at that home and have release on this woman came out and she lifted meaner arms as if i was at our own of what was wonderful were that time growing up in a heavy swells the older people had time for children all they wanted you to be was to be the best you could ever be never asked for anything think just give you everything that taught you a wonderful wonderful way of life your foster dad was a crafter in a seaweed factory worker yet he has what to crafter across to a somebody who owns a small piece of land the average at one time have been five acres here to coz when i was growing up thirty sheep some chickens and to supplement that used to go and work in a seaweed factor the elgin at factory so they were dry the seaweed they would send it away and exported pretty bleak land to be more than subsistence i would think it.

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