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A lasting peace is getting the cars the head of the penis and it's amazing you've come to the right place i'm kind of a by reiter kat is worth wing play not wanna talk about coupes agree everyone loves them i think if there's one thing that can bring world peace it's probably you could tell she loves this stuff she gets animated when she talks about sex relationships and genital your it feels like her face was designed for youtube very expressive features and she includes footnote sunscreen like each videos a cheerful little seminar my producer zoe chase and i called her to talk about her first big hit her amid that went viral call the can't off your cherry and it was about the hainan doesn't completely covered the vagina at all it does need to be topped it does need to be broken time is a very thin and it was about basic anatomy uh what permanent aaron also a little cultural analysis about behind the net and when the sexism that drives it to hyman mess yeah but late you have to break your hyman when you first have penetrative sex so let's seki about this misconception been behind in covers the whole the china needs to be broken not only is it outright false raw own also wish he talks about sex likud was declared excited totally on embarrassed she started getting hundreds of thousands of use millions of views the videos brought in steady money and opportunities she went on doctor phil she was the host of mtv's first youtube series it was called brawl lewis all of this this whole sex ed career who is basically an outgrowth of her childhood door really.

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