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Home was shot up and there was one round hits the gas meter in the front of the home, causing a small gas leak. Officer started evacuating the home. A total of seven people had to be removed from the home when they realised one woman in her sixties was shot in the ankle. An ambulance was called off for her and she was taken to the hospital. Good news. She's awake, breathing and expect it to be okay for 93.1. Debbie IBC Mobile News. I'm wish TVs Kevin Rogers that was near 34th and Mueller III. MPD also reporting this person shot and killed on East Elbert Street this morning near Thompson and Madison on the South side. Police investigating all of the Shootings. Nearly foreign 10 workers surveyed by the company Robert Half in Indianapolis, say their employer has encouraged them to take time off, which is up from 25% 3 months ago. It's been proven that time away from work certainly increases productivity, and that's really important to employers recruiting manager at Robert Half, Sana Sword tells WFTV sees Terry Stacey that a lot of employers air realizing that their employers are coming back, recharged after taking some time away. I'm Sean Herrick on the level on the go and on Twitter at 93 w Y v, c and w ivy si dot com 805 Traffic on the fives. Matt Bearer, John. We're looking. A westbound 70 minutes flew from State Road nine. Past counting Road, Twitter West. That's for a couple of miles road construction happening out there And then we're looking at the Southside westbound for 65 stuffing up your Harding Street and pulling up before Man road and we talked about that fatal crash. Car versus motorcycle Closing down Raymond ST Yes, Still closed right now will be for probably a couple more hours as I m p D works their investigation..

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