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A lot of people to feel more comfortable with this stuff. But I'm telling you, though, there's a reason why people do not trust the voices that the state keeps putting out there. Two. To discuss this. Like, for instance, and I was telling you a little bit earlier. How? At Rutgers, there's a student who only ever signed up to take virtual classes, and he's been and New York posted a story and the, uh University actually released a statement about it. He was only ever going to do virtual classes, and he signed up to take virtual classes. But because he's not vaccinated, he can't actually take the classes. They're not letting them take the classes. Because science that's a problem and then from Rutgers also, I mean, I wonder why people distrust distrust the talking heads pushed out there by the state. This is Richard Ebright. He's the board of governors professor of chemistry and chemical biology at Rutgers. And he's quoting this piece over the intercept. And he actually details He writes a whole bunch, additionally with it over on his Twitter timeline, But the piece that the intercept says new details emerge about coronavirus research at that lab in Wuhan. More than 900 pages of materials related to US funded coronavirus research in China were released following a FOIA lawsuit by the intercept. So they said that these documents detail the work of the Eco health alliance. That's the whole thing that they use federal money to fund the gain of function, and it includes also the docks that they got have previously unpublished grant proposals that were funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases as well as project updates relating to echo health alliances, research. Which has been scrutinized, etcetera and, according to The documents, one of them titled Understanding the Risk of Back Coronavirus, emergence. This is one of the one of the grants that they're citing here. That was literally looking at gain of function, one of gaining function research. So these were the two previously undiscussed and unpublished grant proposals. And it's outlined this effort by ECA Health Alliance, Peter Dacic. We talked about him just screen all of these bats, samples for the coronavirus and screening people live with animals and then looking at, you know, different The attributes of the virus, etcetera. And the other one, says fieldwork. The grant proposal, they said, acknowledges some of these dangers. That's his field work involves highest risk of exposure to C O V East Corona viruses while working in caves with high bet density overhead and the potential for fecal dust to be inhaled. Now, Ebright says, and he cited he they interviewed him for this piece. He said that the the documents make it clear That two different types of of novel coronavirus is were able to infect humanized mice, so they they, the viruses they constructed, were tested for their ability, he breaks says. In fact, mice that were engineered to display human type receptors on their cell. And they, he added, while they were working on a SARS related coronavirus. They were carrying out this parallel project at the same time on the murders, M. E R s Middle Eastern respiratory Syndrome, which you remember Apparently that and the stars that's okay but you know So Ebright were saying that this was this was what they were doing. He said that The communications manager at ECA Health Alliance, Robert Kessler said they were they were applying for grants to conduct research. This all went over for a five year period. But the second grant, which was titled Understanding the Risk of Zoona Tick Virus, emergence in emerging infectious disease hotspots in Southeast Asia. That was awarded in August of 2020. It goes through August 2025. The proposal was written in 2019. And it focuses on scaling up in deploying research resources in Asia in case of an outbreak, according to the intercept quote of an emergent infectious disease and it references Asia As quote this hottest of the I d hotspot, end quote. So you have Richard Ebright, who is very well respected, waiting for him to get banned on Twitter. And he's He says that This can be state that it shows that these grants with, uh, the subcontracts to the Wuhan Institute of Virology that they funded Gain of function research as defined in these policies at the same time, 2014 2017 and that the potential pandemic pathogen enhancement as defined as well in 2017 to current time. He said. So, yeah, The materials confirmed this that the grants completely supported the construction of the Heimerich SARS related coronavirus is that combined a spike gene from one virus and genetic and fall from another and that in fact human cells, he said, Absolutely. This funded that these two on previously unpublished studies Now completely detail that And he says that the materials also revealed that the grant supported the construction of I mean, they were looking at M E. R s and s A R s and looking about how to take something from one and combine that with the one that they got the bat cave from each of those different viruses so When a bright was asked. So are you saying Rand? Paul was right and he goes on this question? Yes. So he lied. Why are people still bringing found out to talk about this stuff? And why are people still casting aspersions on the character of those who are questioning the information because of the people who have disingenuously presented it before? 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