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To is this indicative of where you are in life at this point that maybe you're more attracted to. Doing something just because you've never done it before. Or it's fulfilling a childhood dream, or maybe it just sounds like it'd be fun as opposed to chasing an Oscar or the lure of big Hollywood paycheck. Well, I've find an you probably due to yon likes people ask you to do stuff all the time not necessarily artistic projects either. They is ask you to do stuff because they want someone else to do some for whatever it is. And so I remember I got invited to speak at a at a sturgeon bio-diversity event. Once a natural history. I thought. Thought hell just wrote me this letter and said would you show up at this damn thing? And I thought well, no one ever asked me to speak about sturgeon. And so I went and I had I had a great time. And that was a real another great moment where I realized man, you just gotta try the stuff that you've never tried that just sounds off in weird. Instead of staying in your wheelhouse, all the time and doing the things that are easily done for you. And I find that even though I feel like, oh, what a what did I ever say? Yes. To this for why am I doing this? When you get there. There's such a different set of circumstances and conditions that creates life it creates life and art that you would not have ever imagined. You couldn't seen on the way in you could imagine that something would happen there. That happens. I have to ask does it annoy you when you follow your creative muse or wherever life takes you. And then people in Holly. Would or the entertainment media say, oh, that's Bill Murray is a risk taker he's an ignorant does that bother you that that sort of you know, I never hear people say he's a risk taker guys, you know, I want to punch him in the nose. I hear your wrist anchor risk. I'll tell you she's risk. You know, go work in a hospital. But what we of do the kinds of things where you just you just wanna stay alive. You know, you just want to stay alive. And and the way we ourselves down from moment to moment is so deadly in such a flu such a toxic disease. We have that anything you can do to change. Your ordinary patterns is a good thing. You know, it makes you alive again alert and brings Brayson I think and building for me it brings me a lot of inspiration. So we had I think in this. Oh, it's also key because talking and music is beautiful but singing as a new element and as the glue in the whole thing as such beauty. Thing. So that that was the exciting part? When I when I heard they'll sing. And I thought like this will lead you make the show. We'll before we go. I threw it out to the listeners if they have any questions for the two of you. I know that you're publishing is dying to get you out of here to your next event. So I'll just limit it to one it's for Bill. Kevin in Boston writes, I love reading about regular people's interesting and unusual encounters with Bill Murray with entire blogs dedicated to people sharing their personal Bill Murray stories, you are a bona fide legend now, let me just pause there. And explain to the listeners in case, they didn't know or if they couldn't infer from our earlier conversation Bill just seems to magically pop up everywhere. Crashing everything from a bachelor party to the White House press briefing or writing children's bike through WalMart showing up at a house party in Scotland and doing the dishes you've popped up in random, karaoke, bars and coupling gauge -ment photos. So now that I've given everyone some context back to the listener question Kevin wants to know is it all a carefully crafted persona, or are you just screwing around having fun, which is Bill O. It's all carefully crafted persona. I was up very early this morning, working my persona. What time I mean must have been five thirty that morning. I showered and shaved and thought all right. Let's get back to that persona stuff. I don't have an there's no plan here. And really if they were a plan, it wouldn't work out this way, really wanna is it surreal for you..

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