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Five before you get to Preston action of there and in fort worth westbound on I. thirty before cooks lane a recently reported accident there as well from the K. hourly weather center tonight it'll be cloudy we might get down another Greer's food for about forty three later on today mostly cloudy not much upside a high of bought forty nine a low of thirty five still a twenty percent chance of a little pre ship gets better on Sunday though high near fifty nine a low of thirty five and on Monday the high goes to sixty six and a low of forty on Tuesday look for sixty eight and forty seven for a while right now it's forty four degrees I'm Gerry Hotchkiss the Dave Ramsey show begins now on news radio ten eighty K. R. L. D. live from the headquarters of Landry's solutions broadcasting from a dollar car rental studios it's Dave Ramsey show that is is gay at all home more take a look W. as the status symbol of.

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