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He was filling in today's already we're not going to make you do with the seven guy we're going to let's go back to the phone Victor is in Englewood Victor what's on your mind Hey how do I call you got about so I just want to bring up a point not as much a question the Leonard Williams trade I think he was actually pretty not just beaten you very good yesterday did you watch the game I watched what what what did one Williams back in that game you played well against the run played well in the run and he came over what is most impactful point one was making a game park can you take one no he got penetration one time we push somebody wonderful and I think you can hear you heard around a talk about he plays tall so you play at all what does that mean I don't know he plays long doesn't like that one better than you guys to try to make it don't know this is what what what we want we talk about inside guy and when you take a guy six overall I mean you haven't seen later Williams looked like Honda works in look right he hasn't shown you flat that rejoicing showed you he hasn't shown you the flashes that you expect from a interior linemen this pick sixth overall he hasn't shown you the impact plays the sack totals the forced fumbles build things of that sort right there so we're not saying he's not a good player Regis and he's not worthy of receiving a hundred million dollar contract ended up at third and potentially a fourth round pick in the process I think it's one thing if your team like the Steelers even though everybody thought that was an over actual make it fits Patrick now you look at making fits Patrick got to Canada for defensive player of the year last year with the cowboys I didn't particularly like the Amari Cooper trade at the time but you know what you see was this more true for them they were in it and she had a chance to do something and it helped them the giants were to win what five six when they traded for one will listen two examples or first round picks treated hands I mean this is a third round pick so I feel like the stakes were a little bit lower but players can you give money factor we are better point is the one about make if it's Patrick because he's still under contract for I believe two more years before you have to pay more as Leonard Williams you could just be a form of the end of the year just wait here's the thing do you really think the price is gonna get driven up so high a letter Williams when you have a free agent class what that is stacked from top to bottom then this is not going to be of a place of deficiency in the off season if anything Leonard Williams is just a piece it is not valid guy and so for that do you want to pay a bar I don't know about a hundred million I don't know if you're gonna switch asking price is for the position right because remember eighty eight letter to god landing Collins got eighty five there in in the price to say these are way lower than the tags are suppose the impact players you think it's only a hundred I mean germ McCoy you look at your local every poll right all right but doesn't say still gonna ask for you know me in the market is that right he that'll take you think he's making fourteen million dollars a year now you think I'll take less than forty man of the year I totally get that million dollar you top player she's not fourteen pounds when you watch him you know that you won't give it to him I know that listen I I mean he's not a better player Michael Bennett.

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