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Around Mitchell Trubisky because it was like, well, how do you like that anyway? Right. So listen, it's a good thing for Dallas. There's no question and I'll say this, oh, we're talking about it from a Dallas perspective. Tell me who's playing wide receiver for the Oakland Raiders now for the remainder of the season, Jordan. Nelson, we got Martinez, Brian, we've got Brandon. Lavelle. You've got Wayne Harris who was like, look sued. Seth Roberts. Is there like the rally is when you look at those wide receiver together. Well, no, you, you just are patching. Care to not you. Players being upset. This isn't the first time because clearly they were feathers ruffled with Lille, Matt. So cruelly signed a bunch of veteran players, whether it was whether is it the running back position, whether it was because Doug Martin was marshawn, Lynch is backup. And then us look at between Martavis Bryant in the receivers that we talked about. They basically just went to guys that had been okay at some point in their career somewhere else. Some of them very good places and they just kind of filled their roster with those types of guys. They clearly weren't trying to win right now. Well, as I mentioned, we were, we were hearing from Reggie McKenzie the raiders this just in now we made a trade today. He said to the Dallas Cowboys, it's a trade that we feel was not particularly that I couldn't pass on to get it first round. Pick in this business here. I thought that was invaluable. For me, it was something I felt like I had to do what they're Reggie McKenzie said. He got the phone call this morning from Cowboys executive. Stephen jugs wanted. A player that player Amari Cooper, and he gave me the pick that Hicks of Hirsch round pick. That's what it came down to. Adam Schefter now joining us in the Domino's pre-game h. as we make our way now to the trade deadline, just eight days away. Let's start today with news from the cardinals and Patrick Peterson shefty will do. We're bracing for a very busy period around the trade deadline. One week from tomorrow. Four o'clock eastern Patrick Peterson has continued to reiterate his desire to be traded from Arizona. He said, quote, unquote, he desperately, that's the desperately wants to leave the cardinals. Now, Steve will today said, as the corals maintained all along that they're not trading him, they're not instant trading him, but a short time ago, Patrick Peterson's cousin, Brian McFadden. The former info cornerback tweeted that Patrick Peterson's ideal destination is the New Orleans Saints who will buy though I don't have a first round draft pick would be very difficult to trade for Patrick Peterson, but clearly, Patrick Peterson would like to end up in New Orleans. The cardinals have no desire in trading him right now. But it also indicates that he quote, unquote again. Desperately wants to get out of Arizona and round and round. We go. Let's talk about the possibility of the Broncos dealing wide receiver. Mary Thomas marriage, Thomas spoke to reporters today, and even he mid that he believes his time in Denver is coming to an end. And I think the writing is on the low here. I think at some point in the next eight days, we will see Damaris Thomas dealt somewhere there have been teams calling. And right now it looks like there's enough interest and the Broncos open minded enough to moving on from him. Again, there are teams out there that would like Emmanuel Sanders, the Broncos not interested in trading mangle. Sanders. He's not expected to be traded before the deadline, eight days from now four o'clock eastern October thirty. But creasing Lee is looking like the marriage. Thomas will be dealt by the NFL's trade deadline adamant. Interesting story out of Miami devante Parker inactive again yesterday for the dolphins. That's the fifth time this season, and now his agent is firing back. Well, this was very surprising. Rarely. Do you see an agent fire back the way. Devante Parker's agent. Jimmie goal did after the game, but released a statement basically calling Adam geese incompetent, the dolphins coach. Now I think he came out so strong because he was trying to defend his guy who Adam gates said his not been healthy enough to play. When Jimmy goal the agent said that Parker has been healthy enough to play..

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