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In ten minutes. WW J news time to fifteen Ryan will course, cap down to the big game. And also, though we've got an interesting. Baseball matchup here Red Sox Astros are familiar names to us Justin Verlander against David price. So my money would be on Burland. But you're saying hold on there. No, I'm saying the you might be right on track. Now, of course, if you believe law of averages, maybe you don't go with Jay blockbuster. Only tweeted this out earlier today. So I cannot take credit for what he said Justin Verlander is four zero. With a one point one five ERA over his last four postseason starts in which his team face elimination. No other pitcher is won four consecutive postseason starts facing elimination which means Javy should be money tonight. And we should go to a game six now with that being said, there's a first time for everything. So maybe he goes out there and stinks it up. Like he did when he started the all star game nonetheless, it's kind of painful for Tigra fantasy. David price against Justin Verlander, knowing you had them here in the fold and didn't win the World Series. But the Red Sox trying to advance the fall classic with a victory. First time since two thousand thirteen they would do. So with a win first pitch in this game. By the way, it's just after eight o'clock now as for the Red Wings are back at it tonight down in Tampa taking on the lightning and trying to do something not done all year, which is pick up their first victory of the season. Neko's chef Lachapelle has asked his thoughts and fans already calling for his head after six start. Yeah. I don't I don't worry about what what whatever other people say things like that doesn't that's the furthest thing from my mind what I'm trying to do is find a way to help us win hockey games against Stanford. So this before our focuses to full trying to trying to get better every day in in in focus on the game at hand. And that's no different for me than it.

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