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Earthquake for that smart. Wow he was a smart guy. Very forward thinking The the m- the law itself is featured If you wanna see it In the tom. Hanks movie about the making of mary poppins. What do you call mrs. Mr banks mr misleading mr banks. So obviously it really took place there. The experience of making mary poppins and the there's all sorts of shots on the lot of tom. Hanks being walt disney quick tidbit would lot was la. La land come door. that's a good question. I guess would be warner brothers very very well gone. So when you're an actor in hollywood and you're going on dishes you have to drive around often to castro's offices but very often if it's television shows To the actual backlots. And there's no let's say five or six major ones and they're all spaced over town so back. In the old school way of doing pilots season you could have five or six auditions a day. And you'd have one over here and then the next one would be forty five minutes away and then the one after that back over here. And when i first moved here i think i've told you this i didn't we didn't have ups. So i had no idea what was going. Who was the name of that book that you had to get the thomson thomas and it was this elaborate map. That was like three inches thick book. I got a present for my sixteen. Th birthday my mom was like your initiated right. Abc all the number of the letters. And then all the numbers to coincide. So he's miserable was perfect for leg because it's just so crucial but that's how studios would get you to the audition. It'd be like age such and such and such and such an thomas guide and you'd be like okay to get to here. I have to do this. And then you'd have to trace it back to where you are in the thomas guide. I would connect on avenue. I told you. I think my brother would draw me these elaborate hand-drawn maps He'd be like this wild he'd be like this is from europe from our place to audition one from two different page from addition three to four this. He resumes is very sweet and he was an artist so they were like beautiful. I wish i still had that. Sounds like a game show in itself. Giving some like millennials or gen z. Kids thomas being like okay. Get here the other thing. That sucks about living on detroit. Street to get over here was always. Traffic has only traffic in this area. Whether it's going this way or this way at some point in the day right so if you worked over here to get back it would take at least an hour just to get through. This whole bar has had. His farm passes tough now over. Here is the okay. They don't call the anymore. Yeah but it's a temporary housing. Where a lot of actors who'd come into town for a little while they would stay there so expensive and children are very often. There was a documentary. That was amazing to well. Can you look for me. It's a documentary about Child actors and the oakwood apartments and because their families would come into town for pilot season. And they live in these in these houses and It was something like two thousand three hundred four thousand dollars a month or some crap and it was. If you didn't get the furnished one like it was this was. It was a pain in the butt now as hollywood complex. That's what it's called if you wanna watch documentary about. It's called the hollywood complex. And i think they've they've finally branded because it has such a negative connotation seriously so now it's called the eva what we're not happy. Place insert back. Like i had a fitting over here for josie and the pussycats and then over here is the one brother lots of our our just pulling them to the one and runners lot. I love the wherever so pretty very pretty before the fire. What was that two years ago now. That ancient western set where like everyone was shot. All no. That wasn't here. That was that was actually. That's a different law. The western lot was an actual lot. That was the film on another. Ny northville academy seasons time. Here's donald coasters. You're still in this one up right now. You need to be young sheldon did you. Addition for young show you could have been young auditions for show. You could have an old sheldon all american. Look at taye diggs. Like taye diggs baby. Taye diggs made the way. He's all american like the. Cw number one show dude. It's like a modern friday night lights. Oh yeah has a really big part in all american. It's about football yes. They're spin off his about h. s. b. c. Let's say that right z. your hvac. i don't know why i think. Hsp's colleges and universities. I was like waiting. This billboard has always been so keen to me and this one here. We're in the hydros and that's such an iconic spot because everyone who comes to into this part of the valley where all the lots are sees that billboards everything. I wanna make going in style for warner brothers who controls that billboard and was like i have one request kinda me at least the on that billboard and they said yes so we had like a month up. Let's go that's the best thing is just such a pivotal horse billboard in in in the valley everyone sees it. Yeah everyone sees it all right. This is usually the gate right up here this next gate around this corner and everything. That's joe addition down there but the bring the actors in the back door. We don't want you messing up the front or close. No gene on lives their bills bills offices in one of those. That's all right. So we're getting close plays phobos particular and the perfect mother are really just like about a whole foods like no. I think i'm turning full on. Oversight were pat also passing. The iheart studios is where two years ago. He showed up for the podcast. I think this is where jay leno used to be the tonight. She all of overwatch league homer. Watch your house over. Watches video games guys. Who don't talk about that. For a second. Sorry distorted kim. One of the last places in town still develops film. Wow blessed really giving a good tour of. And i really do you guys should. If you if you're listening and you come.

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