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Now it was a big time board game at one time now it's getting a redo we'll take a look at that store the first traffic to take a look at we'll bring in Julian Rogers all right we got still got Mrs on the toll ways and messes on airport freeway will start on the tollway here north or south bound in Addison accident at Alfa mostly your delays or in Addison anyway but it'll be in the left lane and you've got a backup from Arapahoe if you're going north just past northwest highway this is a pretty nasty one it'll be two right lanes blocked off and a backup from lovers with self doubt onlookers they're gonna stretch back to about royal lane so either way you got back up to contend with R. rechecking airport freeway one more time let's take a look at that regularly all right it big mess eastbound one of the three it starts at international parkway give W. airport they're blocking two left lanes accident of jam up the girls almost industrial Boulevard in Euless and in the back up at American another accident that one blocking the left lane so to which you've got to get around with that now south bound three sixty it's still a mess dentist all right there on I. thirty for quite some time blocking a lane and that's still has traffic extremely heavy well I guess it's a little better doesn't quite go to one of the three but almost just a little before Trinity Boulevard one sixty one south that's going to be that problem and Richelle riverside still going that'll be in the right lane slow from walnut hill the only thing that's changed here's a backup as triple just a tiny bit and westbound I. thirty Grand Prix in Arlington still some backup going forward because of construction thankfully this is in the right lane as you approach three sixty add up finally in Frisco tollway northbound at to Sam Rayburn you've got a problem in the middle lane of traffic dot eight well it's a stall that's been there for quite some time that's why we're still backed up from about spring creek parkway I'm Julie Rogers next reported seven twenty eight on your traffic leader well it's been chilly today but I do see a bit of a warm up for the weekend hello there happy Friday on NBC five chief meteorologist Rick Mitchell tonight mainly clear.

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