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I'm what happen then in twenty ten i want to go into too much detail about housing policy when the tory government came in the prior to the tory government who is an initiative by labor which was money for redevelopment in lots of the northern cities birmingham redevelopment could be knocking them down and building new ones or could be refurbishment of old properties but most of the local authorities this to be great we can be given some money when just clear these areas out and pool was quite ferocious on that one so around twenty ten it looked like we were gonna lose will often till that it looked like we were gonna lose our houses because of the four remaining streets and then weirdly the conservative government withdrew the money because of a sturdy measures and it kind of is a favor but it wasn't anything other than they didn't want to spend money up north so it was just kind of so round that stay time we started to get back together again it's from croup because residence association closed down a couple of years before it's given up and so if you've got together there were people who had started planting guerrilla gardening around the area myself and my husband over there we started painting up the windows officers because every bricks up and so we just painted them with curtains and things like that and vases cats and things i want to quote you to you so if the growing quote so it was the spirit of fuck this is depressing a bit better.

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