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My take. And voluminous Twitter at barstool big cat. It's time for his weekly conversation with Waddle and Silvy on ESPN one thousand. The cat was not happy with what he saw last week. For the bears against the patriots. He also did a little experiment involving will resign Rondo and some mouthpieces. Rondo wasn't a part of it. But he fueled the experiment. Yeah. Always a lot of fun with barstool big catch Congo guy. And just basically run in the world these. How are you? What's up, boys? Yeah. Last Sunday wasn't fun. But I I don't know if you guys are the famous may. But I was sitting there watching that game and the whole time I was just mad that we lost the dolphin because when the seasons on the schedule came out, you're like, okay, it's going to be very very difficult to be Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, but just sitting there being like, I cannot believe we lost Brock Osweiler. Because you had that one is now and you had the w for Brock Osweiler. And it's just now it feels like this Sunday is a must win is. I hate to say this early in the season. But it is a must win. We're lockstep. We're we're we're in lockstep two reasons. Guate- last me on Monday, he was really pissed about this loss. So you know, what I'm more mad about a more mad about the loss to the dolphins before then I called it. I don't like to label stuff must wins when they're not really must. But I believe that cat that if they lose this week all the good vibes are gone. Yeah. All the good vibes are gone because the. Schedule doesn't get much easier. I tweeted out, you know, my my my hope and wish for the bears rest of the season because you do have some games that are very winnable. The jets the bills the giants who knows who's going to be playing quarterback in December for them the forty Niners. They obviously have have lost their quarterback. But then the rest of the Vikings Packers lions Rams. So this is a game that if you lose this game. Now, you're behind the eight ball. You're you're you're dead. Laugh, not tied for laughing NFC north and the good vibes the bat Nagy, he's got everything going and the defense and Khalil Mack. It all kinda just get sucked out of the room. You gotta do. Now is pee your pants intentionally silly. And you guys are soulmates. I think. Yeah. Athlete. I think if you do that. Soulmates in his bruiser out. So we don't have that. Yes. Right back reference. The same thing became he talked about the vibes all the good vibes. You're going to be gone. It's the truth though, doesn't it feel a little bit? I mean, I don't wanna bring up the name, but Mark Trestman member one those vibes. Remember when everything was I'm not saying, he well, I guess Marc Trestman. But I'm just saying NFL this how the NFL works that you can be high one week he'd be real low the next, and if you if you put three losses in a row on the schedule it's going to be kinda feel like rock use that language, though. Shouldn't you then talk yourself out of panic because the NFL can pick you up one week and drop you the next if you if you lose to the jets, but then you beat the bills and then the lines and then the Vikings aren't you feeling good about yourself again? Yeah. But the margin for error just keeps getting smaller and smaller because I you know, the you have to look in. It's fun that we're actually even having this discussion the playoff. Discussion. But someone some team from the south the saints in the Panthers are both very good teams. And the north is. I mean every I wouldn't be surprised at any team. I think the lions have have some things rolling right now. So I wouldn't be surprised if any team in the north winds it, and I think the second best team in the north would probably get that last wildcard spot. So if you start getting into the if you're now dead last going into November. It's an uphill climb say, so what is concerning you most. Now that the young quarterback is not as accurate as you like him to be especially on big plays. Or is it that their best player? Khalil Mack looks to be completely non-productive because of a bad wheel. Can I go off the board on this your okay? Okay. What's considered me? The most is the inability to run the football. And 'cause I I really think that this bears team the identity of this bears team should be clock control run the football. You know, maybe limit this gimmick, not gimmicky I- gimmicky. Obviously always sounds like a swear word when you're talking about football fan, but a little less of the you know, screens and all these different concepts and just play some smash. I want play some bear football. I'm paying. To me is right now on ESPN one thousand look I'm being a Meatball. And I have no problem saying it because I think when you look at this team there are clearly you have a young quarterback that needs to play better. But he also needs some help and running the football helps a young quarterback on. I'm going to the stats from last year. And I want to say that bears offense actually ran the ball. Pretty darn well last year. Do you wanna go back two thousand seventeen? No put it that. Well, they ran the ball better because they ran the ball on every single play. What you don't you guys know what I'm saying? Like, I think there is an aspect of complimentary football that gets lost sometimes and running it can fix a lot of that. And it's not it's it's not seen a lot in the NFL the NFL passing league. But if you have a young quarterback, and you're trying to get it. So that he can feel confident and you have a defense that should be able to get after the quarterback you want to control the clock, and you wanna get after the quarterback, and I feel like kind of dumbing it down a little bit. And and beat beating teams that way is the solution for maybe the short term, and then you start. Introducing more these concerts. I also wanna see roquan Smith stay on the field. Leonard Floyd get to the quarterback real quick. I would say I agree with the concept of running the football. They gotta do a better job mitch's than their leading rusher out of the last three games. And I would say my emphasis is more not because he's a young quarterback because I love what Matt Nagy doing. It's because the weather's gonna change, and you are going to have to grind some things out at times when you can't get. Fancy and dial up all the delicious place. Yeah. A little bit a little bear weather coming in. But if you're the defense definitely with you, I'm Meatball today. I'm for me Paul today. It's like everything when when the sky starts falling with the bears like just go back to your enemy run the ball and run the ball. Let's run the ball. But I, you know, I do think that the defense is a little troublesome. Because and I think Vic Fangio's fantastic coach show. We'll get figured out. But there were definitely some head scratchers last week when Khalil Mack and and Leonard Floyd weren't rushing the passer as much as you'd like them to be and roquan Smith wasn't on the field. And I don't know because he's not, you know, fully up to date with everything they're trying to do or they don't trust them. But that's a guy a first round talent who has the speed to cover all this underneath stuff. That's killing the bears. And you want to see him out there. I want to get into the defense. One more thing about the offense, though, why we haven't talked about this either. Like, I've heard a lot of people like big cats say they want to run the ball more when I wanna run Jordan Howard, more is instead of the end around Taylor Gabriel. I think it was like they were enclosed in any gain nothing or when you send in chase. Daniel is the second quarterback. And like, that's when you're getting too cute my book where sometimes the run to join Howard. Who's your best runner is better than continuing to run the ball Taylor? Gabriel right. Exactly run between the tackles Rahmatullah majority Howard is is a fantastic running back. And I don't know. I mean, I know the tree Cohen has been electric. I know you want to get the ball in his hands as many times as possible. But sometimes it does feel like that. Like, hey, let's just simplify this. Let's just run it up the middle. Let's let's pound him. Let's get short third downs where Mitch can be successful. 'cause. What happened last week? What do you watch that game? The patriots were never in a long third down. It felt like it was third into third and three every single time. And no defense can really defend that in the NFL anymore. Said today, I think they only had one third and seven. You still calling Mitch ten God, by the way? I know. I'm waiting for some some throw some deep throws swear one on Twitter after one of the throws early in the patriots day. Listen, listen. Listen, I. Accountable for my tweet during a bearskin when we're when you get in between the lines all all bets are off. Okay. After the game. Maybe some rational thoughts come out of me. But when I step on the field and I'm talking about the Twitter field. You cannot hold me accountable for anything. I tweet. Would you be okay? If they sat Khalil Mack for a few weeks, try getting healthy, man. I, you know, it's tough. Because I honestly think I think you'd have to fight him to sit him. He's never he's never missed a game. But but then the conversation becomes listen. You can't leave that decision. Whether it's basketball baseball, it's football. You can't leave that decision in the hands of the player because they're all going to lobby is hard as they can be out on the field or the court or the diamond to play. Yeah. No. And this is where it kinda stinks that the bears had such an early by. Because you're looking like, oh, man. Is there is there some place in the schedule where he can steal steal a game here. But I more than anything. I think he just needs to rush the passer because I would imagine being in coverage is more taxing on an ankle rushing the passer, and it seems like on Sunday he was in coverage more than he was rushing the past. He was so. Are you a are you picking the bears? Yeah. I'm very close to I don't know if you guys remember but before the Seattle game week too. I said it was the biggest game in the bears franchise history. Now, those close to saying that again, I'm not going to go all the way. But I think the bears will come out. I think they will be. I think our conversation next week will be the bears feel like the bears that we saw the first four weeks of the season. By the way, I need some picks out of you today. The lock of the week or the year because I went three ten in one last week. NFL games against the spread. What happened? I think it this. I mean whenever the sun times asks me to do this. I'm like, you know me. I don't gamble that much. I and that makes me a good gambler because I know I'm bad at it. So don't force doing this. They're putting you on that list for their own kind of demented laughter. Right. Right. Right. The bills did I take the bills this week? No last week. Yes. Yeah. Against the colts. Right, right. No business being the seven and a half point favorites against anybody Indira Gandhi names the game and keep a minute. Yeah. I actually said after the game that I I am. I am a Fisher donating my brain to science whenever. Try to figure out what the logic was to bet on Derek Anderson after he hasn't played in however long because that was an all time thirty seven to five was your final score thing. Endo point at no point where they even different a cover. It was always kicking. It was it was twenty four to nothing at the hat. Yes. This guys I would have gone to what did I say? It went three ten and I went on to eleven and whatever if the giants didn't do the PA. Let me from going from two wins the three wins. Yeah. Don't apologize for those though..

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