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Grinding. And still we personally every. been. A murder. That's One hundred thirty eight, trimester. That's legal Steve. How Well. All right. Well, I, know my soon great job X. mice been good since we got back off adequate. Meeting. With. Just left it at that could decent. Mommy's pizza sidekicks yes. Yes. Well, that's I'll take that. Yes. Well, see the bank. No role for? For. We're not gonNA. Warthog is very prominent role. What's that? There's not an official tough. Trying to think I couldn't remember what what's Doug Stampers Road Conroy isn't Chief of staff role in the ministry. So that's kind of he was chief of staff when he was when he was whip I believe. He was his staff, right? Yeah. Well, later the later on when Doug stamps burying the bodies. That's more what. You're saying Doug stamper is going to kill our your Doug stamper is going to kill Ted's wife. I never said that but she's been Swift. Much. Like Ted. Always there you go his warthog also a off again on again off again alcoholic who consorts with hookers. More. Or Less Yeah Mrs. Action she does not have I've felt she would turn off too many. That's probably. You'd probably get hurt endorsed that'd be interesting if she's a big fan is she? There you go up. Steve. They are falling through Europe four one, three Oh. Mike. Geary nation. Western hello yet Hey, kirk, how are you bud? Have you back thank you. Bruce springsteen fan here. So I was a little disappointed. We didn't get your perfect Bruce springsteen day yesterday a lot of work though I take that very seriously also rumors by the way on. A lot of work rumors on twitter right now, new springsteen album coming in October people I trust on twitter to. Really. Yes I. AM going to be ready to go for that. Go ahead. Well I'll be looking forward to break down with your Kirk Yeah. We'll do a whole show that I could promise. Looking. Forward to it. Easier springsteen question I'm a little bit younger than you. I've seen Bruce a bunch but I'm wondering if you could talk to maybe the best show you've ever seen or maybe a moment. Live that. You saw that just you know blew you away or or just anything you know with Spring t live. All right. Well, my the best springsteen show. I've ever seen. ooh, that's a tough one. The Best Dump you've ever taken this is never of the bathrooms racing show that'd be. That'd be. Talk. You know dumping dig dumps on airplanes, springsteen shows. That's that's pretty much the way it goes, but I'm not going to. Dumping. A dummy like vox. Garden. Maybe half do but you never do that never cheated plus there's no time. You guys aren't GonNa. Let you do them. lascaux Gillette was great in two, thousand, sixteen, both river sh, the river shows I saw were great The one at the garden was awesome. A mustachioed Pittsburgh about eight years ago that was tremendous and I also, I really liked the devils and dust shows too. I really I. I would love to another Kusak tour I really would. Okay. I'm young. I haven't on a solo tour like that I would I would love to. That's why I was Kinda hoping he was going to do something like that. But you will eventually. Angry well, how about you? What's your favorite? What's your favorite moment I'll I'll let you what's your favorite moment of springsteen show go ahead. Well I would bet you were there. So Gillette Stadium August two, thousand twelve. And it was the first time they opened with my level not let you down and just right from again you knew it was going to be a great show And he ended up playing racing in the street, which I think was the highlight of Roy just absolutely brought it on the Piano Mike. And then that was that was the first time they played jungle land in the US after glances passing. So just there was a lot of epic moments that night something I'll never forget. In the stands that night so Her. Second Road. Stand that's fine. You can't be CAN ABOARD BRUCE FANS I Close classes. Any more thought to your perfect show I have not Raymond, and that was a good day Raymond. The hand I saw the expendable to and springsteen show at Gillette that same day. Really yes. Skill movie theater at their. Age replace. Walk to the Public Gino's. Down the street that are one, I didn't know that was on route one down there, and then went to do better than that expendable good popaginos was a good one of those good popaginos. On house arrest or something. Just trying to be put yourself. You. Got To be like everybody else you know. No Ryan at each other so I guess they don't, but I'm saying at that time I think they they were brought together at the sherborne vigil they were. Yes. The each other still. But what can you do life goes on that was a good day. That was a good show. He's right. WHO's up next? You're to hang up or no. Hey Kirk. Up. Steve. Think what's up. is the. The I swear the one is curtis is that not curtis I thought so too but don't based on the show. Steve. Didn't you got it off the midday show? Yeah. Yeah. I think so I don't think we had one second. One second. What's your name? I put in a pin in the for second Justin. This guy just reminded me I sit on the board for NAMBI and I'm trying to reach my goal this year. If you're able I love the support. Thanks so much we hate them right? Oh. Yeah. Yeah. They wouldn't take our money. Yeah we were. We asked them I if they wanted to partner with us in the spring and they said, no, because pardon, my take is to controversial. W. Said Oh I like this this guy seems like a big Fan, but he sits on the board. Of his big fan why didn't you reach out when we were talking about on the first timer stole my money the first time you're right you're okay. Okay. We're going to give them a little re tweet forgotten what? That's definitely know it sounds I get why he thought. It's not though yeah. I be here all the time. What? Outraged Curtis everyone laughs. No but yes, what else? how about this? So you say you know he's might cause. They're not substantial I. Get that. Have you tried hybrid. With paper first, and then do the delicate work with the white it's not bad. To work, but it's not bad. Again? Last time I probably not it's time for the West If you went back in time. You Saw Pablo Picasso at work would you say hey, Pablo, you should probably paint like this. You brush strokes. Shut the fuck up. Okay. It's my asshole I'll do I want it. Here House. and. It's a just things. You're the fucking Giggling of fucking idiots no laughing matter no, it's not. Really Shitty. I are treated me right now that. I could buy. I asked all. And he's talking shit flush goes. Okay. Even not on Tuesdays. It's it's a lot of them or flush him I. don't even know what this point, those three zero, three, zero fused. To make Jesus, you're the only guy with that kind of power God. You're me I going to tell you. I am not looking for cancer. Monday. Deliver the news to the callers. Would the hoping for Skins? Sound. Doctrine just like I'm.

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